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Howdy from Canada, ya'll.

Well, here I am. I just started taking SJW, and so I thought it might be worthwhile if I joined this forum to pick up tips and advice and that sort of thing.

About me:

I was born and rasied in the deep south (US), but for the last decade or so I live in the mountain wilderness of Canada. Life up here is very different from the big city life I left behind. We keep warm in the winter via wood stove, we do the hunter/gatherer/gardner thing for most of our food, get water from the mountain spring behind the house, etc. It's a fairly "rustic" way of life, which I greatly enjoy after having spent my youth in the fast paced hustle/bustle of the DFW metroplex. Though, despite all that rustic-ness -- we do have Internet (obviously), and I telecommute doing "web stuff" for a living, which is a fairly nice way to make a living, I reckon.

My family on my Dad's side has had problems with depression going back many generations, and I am no exception. I've tried various treatments over the years, and while SSRI's kind of work -- I loathe them for a number of reasons. So, I'd heard about SJW, and how it had a lot less side effects, and so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm on day 3 as I type this. So far, so good. It hasn't made me all super-bouncy and shiny-happy yet, but I do feel a bit better already, and as of the last two nights, I'm sleeping soundly again (first time in months), so this is looking promising.

Anyhoo... that's just the tip of the iceberg, but it ought to be enough to suffice as an introduction.



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Hi Brother Jack,

Nice to meet you. You must be out West... Rockies?

Glad SJW is working for you so far--keep us posted on your progress.


Hi all, well, im feeling a bit better, (taking sjw 900mg and valerian 900mg per day) BUT, im eating like a horse!...omg...i think it could be the sjw, so, im gonna switch from morning to evening, then hopefully ill be hungry when im asleep and not at 10.00pm! Also, im itching like mad..ive always had a stress rash come up on my neck, but its really quite bad sometimes..im havin to put cream on it..eeeuuuuuwww! Dont know if the itchin is the sjw or the valerian????:(

Hi there ! First of all- WOW what a beautiful way to life! I am going to life like that with my beloved grumpy bugger when we're old! Hehee..

Yes. I've got an idea for your problem; why not put off one of the supplements, one at a time? That way you'll be able to see whether you are allergic to valerian or st john's wort. Of course since you are having a delayed hypersensitivity, you may want to stop one of the supplements for 3-4 days before seeing any result?

You can also try to take Quertecin (vit P) as antihistamine to take down the rash...??

Hope that helps , if all fails there's still one last resort: scratch scratch scratch heheeh just kidding