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How to cure "Depression" and "Anxiety

I often read through forums for subjective information about different supplements etc. One thing that strikes me is the lack of discussion about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness meditation (MM). Studies have shown that CBT is more effective than SSRIS in the treatment of anxiety, over a slightly longer course of time than is normal for the anti-depressants. And as effective as antidepressants for depression. And MM is also nearly as effective as CBT (and more fun).

Here are some links to studies relevant:

http://www.homepage.psy.utexas.edu/... Class/Assigned Readings/GAD/Ladouceur00a.pdf

I gather that in the USA, CBT and others are not the first line of treatment, whereas here in the UK they often are. I think this comes down to economic strategy for handling depression and anxiety. Give people a quick fix and they can go back to work, and can spend money again. CBT is less likely to cause relapse after successful remission of symptoms, so in the long run it causes less problems. But the drug companies make loads of money from antidepressant drugs so economically drugs are a better option for the country.

Acknowledging this idea many people look for alternatives like St John's Wort, Rhodiola etc, which sound somewhat less harmful than SSRI drugs, however, they are still drugs altering brain chemistry, and are therefore to be taken seriously.

If you have emotional problems, even if you have tried every supplement and drug out there for it, you have only tried half the possible things that may help. In fact, according to the cognitive model of depression or anxiety, supplements or drugs only reaffirm the user's inability to cope, which is probably a massive part of the emotional problem.

It troubles me to see people on forums writing that they think they have something wrong with their brain, something like low serotonin. This hasn't actually been proven, instead it is a correlation that came about from drugs in the 50s that increased mood as a result of increasing serotonin. There is no proof that people who are depressed have low serotonin.

Instead it is likely that increasing serotonin changes cognitive biases that underpin depression, the same mechanism achieved through CBT. Evidence of this is because serotonin is increased by antidepressants within an hour of first administration, however mood changes take several weeks.

CBT and mindfulness meditation can be done from your own house, they are easy to follow, can be exciting as well. However, they do require everyday practise, but within a number of weeks you will see results. Here are some links to CBT websites:


And mindfulness:


I know a lot about this subject as I am studying it for a degree and specialising in mindfulness meditation in particular in my final year, so any questions feel free to ask. Therapy is not for everyone, but neither are drug therapies, research shows they help around the same number of people, yet far less is spoken about the former. Give it a go, I dare ya!


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To cure depression and anxiety, talk with family and friends to discuss your problems with them and remember to laugh. Start workout and engage in daily physical activities to sooth stress, lose extra weight and build confidence. Accept the things you cannot change, try not to worry and practice giving back. Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine and have proper sleep.
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