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how long can you take 5htp?

I have read in many places that one should stop taking 5htp after 3 months. I have searched for an answer to when can one can start taking it again (if ever).

I have never found and explanation for why it should be stopped nor any recommendations on starting again.

I was taking 50 mg tabs between 1-3 Xs a day.
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I can't comment on what another person should do, however I can say that experience has taught me that the main problem people face is that around 6 weeks their neurotransmitters get off balance and they need l-tyrosine to bring things back into balance. This requires some trial and error to get the ratio right but can bring much relief from panic attacks and such that come with prolonged 5 htp use. Also, I know of people that have used this combo effectively for years straight.

I hope you find some relief.
Thanks for replying TheMike. Here's an interesting thing... as I started looking into taking l-tyrosine one of the first things I came across (just in blurb not anything in depth) was direction to take it for up to 3 months. I was right back in the exact same place just with a complimentary supplement. Additiobaly I eat a lot of foods high in Phenylalanine. None the wiser...
How frustrating that websites post things about limitations but without any reasoning. Sometimes one is simply forced to try it themselves and play it from there.