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hi guys

hi can i ask a few questions,

i took sjw a few years ago and seemed to work ok for me and then i stopped after a few months cause i felt better,
i now feel i need something to pick me up again, i am taking kalms 1 in a morning 1 at lunch and 1 at teatime is it ok to take sjw with kalms??
and also i have 1 glass of red wine every evening to help me relax is it ok to keep haveing my wine or should i stop if i start taking sjw again?

advice would so much appreciated,,

thank you darren

From my experience, you can mix just about anything with SJW EXCEPT other antidepressants. Believe me pal, serotonine syndrome is Highly unpleasant and life threathening.

So have a few beers, an ativan or even a joint, sit down and enjoy the buzz! :wobblyeyes: