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Help with dosage and secondary supplements

My story is quite simple. I got depression for the first time when I was 24 and I got over it with SSRI medication. Didn't know much about natural supplements back then. Now I'm 27 and I'm back at the pit so to speak. I have been under heavy stress almost a year now because I'm entrepreneur and I've been trying to build a business but it's not easy nowadays. Now it's even harder with black clouds all over. I think the stress finally caught up with me about 1 month ago and I start noticing familiar feelings. I know the emotional reasons for my depressions and they are childhood issues but I think the stress has "worn out my brain" so to speak.

I have been reading this forum and in this thread Raging_Hangover described something called Low Dopamine/NorEpinephrine (NorEp) type depression. Guy who opened the thread described similar feelings I have like not really feeling like doing anything, always sad and thinking about all the bad stuff that could happen (especially with my gf) and then somehow believing that the worst case scenario is the only possible scenario. All the typical depression black/white type of thinking with nice twist of feeling hopeless, guilt and self-hatred for having such a f*cked up brain. I also get small panic attacks and get really anxious, usually over some thoughts I have. Not really sure if it's anxiety with depression or depression with anxiety :dance:

I started taking this set on 25th of april:
5x 0,33mg 3% hyperforin in 3 dosed during day - I was eating brand called Hyperiforce Nova but I just got Perika in the mail so I'm switching to it.
1x 20ug D3 vitamin every morning.
1x 1000mg E-EPA every morning.
1x Berocca pill every morning.

The problem is that I really don't feel any different not that's been over 30 days. I actually started with 3x 0,33mg hyperforin and upped it up to 5x about a week ago. I was also eating 1500mg E-EPA until last week. So I increased SJW and decreased E-EPA. Until today I didn't know that E-EPA can cause anxiety so maybe lower that dosage was a good idea.

So now that you have some background, here's my question: What supplements I could get to make this more balanced? Raging_hangover talked about L-tyrosine in some other post but since people have so different supplement stacks here, I wanted to first tell you exactly what I have been eating so you know what might be wrong with it.

All help is appreciated :)

I would just take 3x300 sjw and add 200mg to 300 mg or 5-htp and some p-5-p B6 possibily some mutli-vitamin
This has helped me greatly with my depression and anxiety.

Good luck