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Hello to everyone

I have been battling Depression for years & have been on meds until Jan 09 when I was poorly & couldnt keep anything down.
This provided a 3 week break with no meds & I have recently completed 12 weeks of withdrawal, WWAAHHHH!!! That was horrid.
All the meds are out of my system & I am rock bottom again. My mum suggested I try SJW to help prevent me having to go back on the meds. I agreed it was worth a try. I really dont want to go back on the meds, but accept I cant feel like this indefinately.
I stumbled on Kellys pages by accident & I must admit it has been a real lift for me to see there is something I can try without chemical dependancy. The support network seems fabulous & by just briefly looking through the threads you are all a great support network & I dont have that "coping with it alone" culture that we feel.
This is my 3rd day on SJW & going to give it time to get in my system.

Hope it starts to help soon.

Well done to all you guys who are coping well, I will draw on your experiences if thats ok.

xx :read: