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hello from oregon

I have just started St johns wort.. This is only week 2 for me I am hoping it will help.. My moods are really getting fowl since my hysterectomy jan 24th .. I had a bought with ovarian cancer.. They said they got it all. But the took everything and left me with estrogen patches to wear.. In the last month my body aches and my moods are getting really mean.. I am praying this works.. I do not like the pills the doctors want me to take. Thank you for listening..

Hi, Bettyjane,

I had a total hysterectomy 10/00. They started me with the patches too. I was 37 yrs old. I found I was much more moody with the patches than ever before. So I stopped them, I don't take any HRT. I don't know if that is good or not. I don't have mood swings now, I was just slowly going down hill and never coming up so I started SJW. It does seem to help so far.

Good Luck,
Thank you for responding!

:glasses: I am weaning myself off them ((the patches)) I am starting a new natural cream.. No estrogen in it at all.. gosh I hope it works for the hot flashes.. I had to have a hysterectomy because of ovarian cancer.. They took everything and started me on the patches that very day.. So I have only been using them since Jan. 24 this year. I am cutting them down and going off them slowly. But yes you are right the mood changes are the pitts.. I am taking SJW but it makes me too foggy.. Maybe I was taking it at the wrong time. or too much for my size I am not sure. I am going to take it just at night and see.,. I am for anything natural!! thanks again
Hey, take it easy on yourself

Hi Bettyjane,

I did not realize your surgery was so recent. It takes a good six months to feel half way normal. I had my surgery on Oct. 31 of 2000. My mom passed away 6 weeks later. It took me a long time before I could feel like doing anything. We started doing foster care the following spring, and getting extremly busy did help. But now I think it is all catching up with me. I hope you can feel better, but to be honest, I have never felt the same. Better in someways,(I had endometrioses and the pain was hard to function through.) but I don't think I will ever feel like I did before. It is O.K., but different. But hey, that is what life is all about, you know you just get comfortable and something changes.

Good Luck,
thanks for the help!


:p I will take it easy on my self! I do feel totally different.. I think your right life is never the same.. I am totally cancer free now so that is a big help! My husband has been a big help too.

I am sorry to hear you lost your mom I know personally how that is mine passed away 14 years ago of cancer.. she was only 55 .. (It runs in the family) My doctor keeps thinking I need more pills but I refuse them so I am listed as noncompliant.(( no prozac or wellbutrin ect....)) Like all doctors they have a pill for everything.

I am starting to exercise more that seems to help.. ;)

thank you so much for the help. You take care and have a great life!

thanks again