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Hello coming off lexapro looking for advice?

Hi Everyone,

I am 9 days since taking my last lexapro pill :)
I was on lexapro from age 19 until now age 32!! I was on and off them at the start and then have been on them longterm since age 24 going from 20mg to 10mg and trying to come off them during that time but failing everytime :(
I began to wean off the 10mg in December 2012 as I was sick of having no sex drive and arguing with my partner etc. not feeling normal. I weaned down to 5mg by Feb 2013 and then at the end of Feb I started to feel depressed again :(
I then went back to 10mg for a few days but I also started researching other methods to control my mild depression and I came across herbal remedies :)
I started taking Rhodiola Rosea by April 2013 and I only took a 5mg lexapro every two days and now I am 9 days without any lexapro just I am taking
Rhodiola Rosea
Fish oils
Magnesium & Calcium
Folic acid
I take these everyday and I must say I feel great so far. I wake up early everyday even at weekends (I always struggles with waking up my whole life!!)
I have loads of energy and this week I went walking most days.
I am having very small withdrawals from the last of the lexapro.
I am having very slight brain zaps etc. Nothing compared to before where it was unbearable.

So my question is to anyone with experience. Am I taking too many supplements, herbal remedies?
How long can I take these things for?
I am so worried of getting a serotonin build up from these am I worrying over nothing or can this happen?

Sorry for the long introduction :)
Thanks in advance for any help :)