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Hair Loss?

This might seem like a weird question, but I remember reading about hair loss as one of the possible symptoms - is that one of the more common symptoms like fatigue and headaches? Or is it just a "3 out of 3,569 people" scenario?

I ask because my diet is pretty horrific right now (possibly due to the depression. I have no appetite at all.) and its having an effect on my hair. So I probably wouldn't notice if SJW was causing hair loss until I'm near bald.

[Edit: Oof, I forgot to add that I'm female. So it's not male pattern baldness.]
Hi Lurial
Welcome to the forum! I have been taking SJW since maybe April, and my hair is as thick as ever. My hairstylist always has to razor it and thin it out a bunch.
Hope that helps.


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Hi Lurial,
I have been taking sjw for quite awhile now and have not noticed any hair loss. But you mentioned having a poor appetite. When I have had anxiety my appetite has really gone away (sleep too). Actually, I have to say that one thing that really helped me with both was going to an acupuncturist. But also, have you lost a lot of weight? Nutritional deficieny can cause hair loss but if you drop down below your appropriate body weight for your height this too can lead to hair loss. I had that happen when I was following a strict low fat diet. I got to the doctor and she mentioned my weight was dangerously low. As a process of healing, I would say try to force yourself to eat some nutritious food. Soup is good. There is a Chinese saying that when you are anxious you should not worry about what you eat - just make sure you eat. But I would add try to get some vegetables and protein in. Plus it will help you when you take the sjw. Good luck.
I am *definitely* underweight for my height, to the point where people assume I have an eating disorder.

The unfortunate part is that my stomach is a fickle princess - if I eat something it doesn't like or eat when I'm not hungry, it throws a raging tantrum that punishes me for hours. I haven't figured out what foods make it angry with me yet. At first I thought it was meat, but then I polished off an entire plate of BBQ Ribs... so yeah, still trying to figure it out. :p
Ugh. It sounds like I might have that, but I really hope I don't. Half the food I eat is on the "Do Not Eat" list if I have that disease. Bleh!


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Hi Lurial,

At least you'd know what was bothering you, though if that's it...
Actually, I have a close friend who has it. She found out that she had the intolerance in her 20's. When she changed her diet she started to feel so much better. They make a bunch of substitutes that you can get in healthfood stores and some larger grocery stores - like pasta that tastes the same but uses other flours rather than wheat flour etc. I made a recipe of brownies using rice flour instead of wheat and I couldn't tell the difference. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck. ;)