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Getting Started

Hello everyone.
I just recently found this website and I am appreciating everyone's sharing.

I have never done anything like this before and so feeling somewhat unsure of myself.

I have dealt with episodes of depression for many years (20+). Sometimes less and sometimes more frequent. Have never sought treatment and have only in the last two years started talking about it with some close friends. I have always been able to put on the mask, the act, the fake smile and nod and say "I'm fine". But it just gets harder and harder and the cost gets higher and higher, every time.

I actually bought a bottle of SJW about a year ago. Didn't use it though. However, I did start on SJW three days ago. Feel that I owe it to myself to try. When I look at the next twenty years and the the last twenty, I know I have to do something or I won't make it.

Anyone else have this kind of ambivalence???
thanks, Holdinghope
Yes, I can relate to "the mask." Actually, someone asked me how I was today and I replied "lousy!" How's that for honesty?

I've been taking SJW for about two years and it does work. But there are still ups and downs. I never was a happy-go-lucky type. One of my problems has always been seeing the world for what it really is. Never was any good at self-delusion.

I run every day, eat right, and take the SJW with a B-12 supplement. I think these forums are a good idea -- a little cognitive therapy and "you're not alone" help.

Pottersville, my handle, was the alternate town in 1946's "It's A Wonderful Life." Kind of ironic, huh?
Hi Pottersville,
I hear you about not being great with the self-delusion. Sometimes wish I could.

I too have never been the happy go lucky type. More the deep philosophical kind of thinker. Sometimes think that's part of my problem!
Used to hope that "If I could just understand or read enough" then I could shift how I feel. However, it hasn't worked that way.

I'm cautiously optimistic about SJW. I'm on day five with no negative side effects. It's hard for me to tell since I have some complicating factors at the moment (getting over jetlag and some major life stressors). Knowing myself, I need to commit to using it for a while without analyzing if it's working or not. It's helpful to hear from people who have been on it long term and to hear that's it helps. I'm not looking for a magic "cure" just some relief. There's that caution again!!!