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GABA Please someone has experiences?

Hi all,

I have been using GABA for a few months now after my experience with HTP-5 being very far to be good. HTP-5 went very well for a while but later on, it highly increased my anxiety and the worst happened every night as I wasn?t able to close my eyes for long hours.

Anyway, I reckon GABA does work for me to help me controlling panic and anxiety. Only noticed some problems with having an good erection which I did not have before using it.

As a result of this I decided to stop GABA for a while but it was awful, had panic and anxiety crisis as I didn't have for very long, basically locked my self at home and even there I just felt so miserable.

Now I'm back back to GABA, 250 mg a day and combine it with L-Tyrosine. I still feel some anxiety, that's probably on my nature but its much better that without the GABA, at least I don't have that feeling of constant panic anymore.

Should anyone have a experience either + or - with GABA, side effects and dosis you use I would really appreciate if he or she could share it with me as I can't find many info.

Thanks in advance.
I've had good experiences with Country Life's Gaba Relaxer on nights when I feel just a tad too wound up.

It contains,
Niacinamide (Vit B3),
Vit B6

If you do a bit more reading, you'll find that all the constituents in this blend (with the exception of B6 which acts more like a catalyst) are potentially relaxing and will help with anxiety and panic.

Previously, I'd used Theanine Serene which has Gaba, Taurine, L-Theanine, Holy Basil and Magnesium, but that didn't have as good an effect as Gaba Relaxer does for me.

Sometimes, finding just the right mix that works takes time and experimentation.

I'm surprised though that you use Tyrosine because that's known to worsen anxiety (??)


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Yea, Tyrosine is bad for anxiety. I wouldn't use it. GABA is great though, but the rebound anxiety is really bad for me too, so I don't use it anymore. Instead I took the herbs road: valerian, kava kava, skullcap, holy basil, motherwort, etc. No rebound anxiety with those.
GABA Experiences

I have just started taking GABA (abt 4 weeks ago) and I think I can feel an improvement. My daily cocktail consists of:

1 Remefemin twice a day (this is GREAT for menopause and it's symptoms)
60mg Gingko Biloba 3x daily
750 GABA 1x daily
300 mg SJW 3x daily
25mg DHEA in the morning
1 multi vitamin
3 Super Lysine in the morning * this is for immune system support*
1 Stress Tab energy in the morning
I ran out of 5HTP last week and threw the bottle away so I don't know the dosage but I took one a day.

I may not be taking enough of the SJW or the DHEA. If someone has a similar cocktail and is taking a higher dose of either of the aforementioned, please advise. I am impressed with the results of my taking GABA.


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Gaba works?

I have read a lot about GAba and decided not to buy it.
It does not cross the blood -brain line. All the research about it or 99 % has proved that.

I am very surprised to hear about those previous posts, I think those post might be advertisement.

Do your research.............!


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Nature's Valium

Valerian root is considered to be "nature's Valium". I have a supplement that also includes Passion Flower and this works well...especially at bedtime. I also have some Kava Kava tea that works great and doesn't make you sleepy. However, be careful using Kava Kava if you frequently drink alcohol. Similar to drinking alcohol and taking Tylenol, combining alcohol with Kava Kava can increase the liver toxicity of the Kava Kava.


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Hi Robertz...

What's the difference between regular Gaba and PharmaGaba? Can you get the PharmaGaba online?

I read that Gaba acts as a natural tranquilizer, along with taurine, glicyne, and also inositol. I think the inositol helps it along...not sure about the blood brain barrier though?

Sylvia :)


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schatzi891;8021 said:
Uh Oh...what is rebound anxiety? Never heard that term before and I take Gaba. Maybe I shouldn't?

Any info would be great,


Sylvia :)
...anxiety that returns after the effects of the "drug" ware off. It happens sometimes with all natural and syntetic tranqualizers.
Thanks Orlando...

That's kind of what I thought. Yeah that does happen a lot with me and that's why I have to keep taking them in order to not feel any kind of withdrawal. Not liking that at all...

Thanks for the info...

Sylvia :)
Thanks Robertz...

That's a very interesting video. I'm buying the PharmaGaba from now on. I have the regular Gaba right now, but when that is gone or maybe before I will switch. Pharma Gaba sounds much much better!!!

Thanks Again...

Sylvia :)


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I don't know about Pharma GABA, but regular GABA definitely crosess the blood brain barrier too. Those studies can say what ever they want, I've tried it and it works...and no it wasn't a placebo effect. :wobblyeyes:
bad withdrawal from gaba

ok, i took 3 pills of gaba for a week and now i'm being in a terrible emotional state, first it helped me so well i thought my anxiety disorder is over, but when the effect wore off, i started feeling worse than before. I haven't felt so **up in years since i was hospitalized with my first anxiety attack. I doubled my antidepressant and mood stabilizer medication, but still not feeling any better. Depressed as hell. Can't study even for 5 minutes, get tension headaches and a feeling like i'm going to lose my mind. This supplement acted like a drug on me. Now even Zanax doesn't help me. I don't know whether this supplement has done permanent damage to my brain, probably, not. But I'm still scared. I have been researching online, no one has had such bad experience as i have. It kind of upsets me because it proves me one more time what ****ed up mental health I've got. Hopefully I'll feel better because I feel like total crap. Staying at home in my bed like a paralyzed zombie.
Hi Blueskyy...

You say you took 3 pills of Gaba...how many mg was each capsule?

I would say that you may have gotten serotonin syndrome (please don't quote me, I'm not a doctor), but taking that much at one time for a week will more than likely cause some kind of imbalance.

You don't say whether you just stopped cold turkey or lowered the dose, so I'm not sure why you're feeling like you do.

You say you doubled up on your anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and your xanax isn't working now...Gosh I hope you're NOT taking all these things at one time. That's not good!

Anti-depressants already have an anti-anxiety agent in them, and should not be mixed with any other tranquilizers such as xanax, clonopin, etc...

Gaba is a natural tranquilizer and should also not be taken along with regular medication because it can cause serotonin syndrome...(which I'm not sure exactly what that is), but I would venture to say it's an overload of chemicals. You can't mix all these things together.

Vitamins and herbal supplements are definitely better for your body than chemicals, but you also have to be careful with them because they do have an affect on you...and especially in combination with what you're taking.

Slow down with everything and take it the way it was prescribed for you...and don't take the gaba while taking anti-depressants...and by all means do some research on the computer. Also if you can find a naturopath that knows about vitamins and herbs and the combination of them, I would talk to them. A Doctor won't know too much about herbs...they're trained in pharmaceuticals (chemicals)...

Maybe just take the xanax that's prescribed for you and try that for your anxiety until some time passes...(again don't quote me, I'm not a Doctor). I do take xanax myself occasionally, so I know something about that. I was also on an anti-depressant, but went off about a year ago. And I do take a Gaba combination for anxiety...but the highest dose in that combo is 500 mg. Don't think I would take anymore than that. I also don't take any other medication with it.

Good Luck and write back to let us know how you're doing...

Sylvia :)
Hi blueskyy...

Glad you're feeling a little better, and that the sauna helps...

Honestly from what I've read it says to not mix anti-depressants with anything like 5-HTP, L-tryptophan, St John's Wort, etc...because they all increase serotonin levels, and can increase them too much, which will then have the opposite affect and make one jittery instead of calm. I don't know anything about Remeron, but if it helps you, then you should probably just stay using that. I was on Lexapro which has an anti-anxiety agent in it and it worked great for me, never had any anxiety and felt happy all the time, but unfortunately, I gained all this unwanted weight, which depressed me all over again, so I stopped...slowly! Trying to find a natural alternative to Lexapro.

Maybe ask someone in a health food store if combining the Gaba with what you're taking would be OK? I don't really know because I'm not taking Gaba with a combination of other pharmaceutical meds. It does help me though with my anxiety, and I rarely now have to take any xanax anymore. It's really hard to figure out what works with what, but I have done some research as far as anti-depressants mixed with other serotonin boosting supplements and it can lead to serotonin syndrome and leave you shakey. The Gaba like I said I'm not sure, but would still be careful with, or ask someone...or do some research on your own.

The problem with taking too many things is, you don't know what's working or affecting or clashing with what anymore. So I would just take your regular prescribed meds...and talk to someone about slowly incorporating some kind of Gaba blend. I take one called True Calm by Now (don't know if I'm suppose to state that), but it has other anxiety controlling supplements with it like Niacin, B-6 Magnesium, Taurine, Glycine, Inositol and Valerian. The combination works well for me...

I also take l-tryptophan to help me sleep at night, which works like a charm. But again I don't take an anti-depressant or other meds. I wouldn't mix that with an anti-depressant. Just something to think about if you decided to go natural and wean off the pharmaceuticals.

Anyway, I hope you'll figure out what works for you...I've been trying to do that myself for a while already because I'd like to stay away from the chemicals, but it does take some time before you get it right.

Good Luck and let me know how you're doing...

Sylvia :)
Hi, Sylvia
that's the thing I also don't like the side affects of Remeron. You said you gained weight on lexapro and you didn't like that. Well I don't know how much you gained, I gained 70 pounds on Remeron! If I didn't decrease the dose, I'm sure I'd keep gaining. I also have an eating disorder, so for me gaining weight is very painful. Well, since last time I posted, a lot has changed. First, i realized that detoxing relieves depression a lot. Remember, I said sauna helps to relieve depression. Well, couple of months I tried to go to sauna 4 times, and it made me feel worse (when i say worse I mean more depressed). I have no idea why. Well, this time while trying to get Gaba out of my system, I started taking liver detox supplement and Grape seed extract and going to sauna. So, every time I would go to sauna, I would feel like I took a large dose of Xanax. The effect would last for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, I started searching online for another supplement to help fighting my mental illnesses (as a reminder I have depression, anxiety, bipolar and eating disorder). What I found out is that many people found Empowerplus supplement very helpful. It's very expensive. It costs about $300 a month. But I decided to stop being a cheap a**, reminded myself that just yesterday I spent about $200 on shopping, and bought a bottle for $70 dollars for a start to see if it works. I've been taking it for about 4 days, and so far I feel significantly better. No more anxiety and mood swings. Only I don't understand why, it just contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, but a lot, about 32 of them. Well, let's not jump to conclusions, it's just been 4 days...