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For those who also suffer from anxiety


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Is it the SJW an effective treatment?
Did you know if there is something better?
Or maybe a combination between SJW and something else?
Thanks in advance
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For all those who suffer anxiety, it really is great if you make it a point to still hold onto something. I mean, you should expose yourself to the world and possibly bridge gap that will let you experience it more.

You will be amazed by how it will be easier for you to cope up with it when you know that someone or something has your back. Though it will be quite a challenge to start at first especially if you find it a little hard to relate to other people.


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Excuse me, I do not want to be disrespectful, but your answer has nothing to do with my question.
I suffer from anxiety, and just wanted to know if sjw, works alone, for that problem. Also I have to tell you I have no trouble relating to other people, I do not suffer from social anxiety.
But anyway, now I take it with 5-htp and seems to work better but it's too early to say anything, thanks
rhodiola rosea half hour before breakfast and schizandra twice a day and ashwagandha at bedtime works really well for anxiety...


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Hi Christie,
Some tips for those who suffer from anxiety. Practice yoga or do mild exercises on daily basis. Talk with your friends and family members to share your issues with them and accept the things you cannot change. Avoid alcohol, smoking and other stimulants, try not to worry and have proper sleep.
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