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Hi everyone, New member here. I've had very good results with SJW, but I find I need higher dosages---1500 mg./day. I believe I'm using decent brands. I started with the recommended dose but I really didn't get to a state of mood equilibrium until I increased the dose after a few weeks. I've read some articles which state that this isn't an unusual dosage for clinical depression. I feel no side effects except perhaps mild head congestion. I would appreciate some opinions on this matter. Thank you.


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I've heard of people taking high dosages and it worked for them. The way I look at it, as long as taking a higher dosage isn't harmful in any way then do what you need to make the depression go away. Years ago there was a discussion on here about high dosages of SJW and I kind of stopped the thread by saying it wasn't a good idea... and I really regret that, since it pissed off some people.

Very interested to hear how it's going with you, and how it works long term.