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Dosage (making sure i'm doing it right!)

Hi all,

I've maybe read too much info online googling "st john's wort over dose" but i'm realy fearful that i might take too much.

I've noticed an uplifted mood even on 1 tablet a day, but still have a few downs, but today i took another at lunch as i always get a really low mood just after lunch for some reason. Well i felt dizzy, light headed and the afternoon i felt spaced out, but so very happy and content! it felt like the dose i should be taking, I loved it, and i want to do it again tomorrow, but without some reassurance that i'm safe to do i'm not sure i will.

I'm currently taking St John's Wort with the following nutritional information :
0.3% Hypericin - 317mg (equivalent to 1583mg-2216mg of St John's Wort) Hypericum Perforatum L dry extract.

With all this talk about extracts and equivalent mg of SJW it's really hard to know if i'm within a safe dose or if i'm on the brink of od'ing .

Any help, should i be taking 3x317mg in order to feel the full benifit?

I know there are some simular posts around but with differnt weights / substances i wanted to created a new topic, i hope that's ok :)

Many Thanks