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Current brand recommendations? - Feb 2016


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Hi all,

I've stumbled across this forum. It still seems to be the best source of information for St. John's Wort on the internet.

Unfortunately, the first question anyone asks when taking this stuff is "what brand do I buy?", and most of the recommend brands on here seem to be discontinued. Kira is no longer available in the USA, and New Chapter SC27 is also no longer available. I do note that Perika is still around, however.

I am very curious if anyone has "updated" modern recommendations for brands. I am completely new to SJW so I cannot comment as to quality, but here's what I've seen so far:

- Perika is still available, but has "downgraded" to 2% hyperforin by volume.

- Nutrigold (http://www.nutrigold.com/St-Johns-Wort) standardizes to both 3% hyperforin and 0.3% hypericin, and claims to be "European Pharma-Grade" (whatever that means).

- New Chapter has their "Mood Take Care" and "St. John's Force" products (http://www.newchapter.com/force-of-nature/st-johns-force), which appear to be the same exact thing in different packaging. It contains 2% combined hypericin and hyperforin. This is annoying because it seems quite low, and also doesn't go any further in stating what the sub-breakdown of hypericin and hyperforin is. I have emailed them to figure this out.

- "Eclectic Institute" has a brand of St. John's Wort that at least one user claimed was similar to Kira. Unfortunately, their website is *AWFUL* and I cannot find any information on the standardized hypericin/hyperforin content. I have sent them an email.

Overall, looking at this, it appears that if you were a "Perika" person, you can still get that but will need to up your dose to match the lowered hyperforin content, and if you were a "Kira" person, the Nutrigold appears to be the closest thing to it.

Thank you!


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Sent some emails, now have a few major updates:

- New Chapter is DISCONTINUING ALL of their St. John's Wort products. That includes "Mood Take Care" and "St. John's Force." All of it is being discontinued.

- Eclectic Institute doesn't standardize their product at all, so you don't know what you're buying.

- Nutrigold has responded "the ingredient used in our product is the same ingredient that is used in registered herbal medicines in Europe." I don't know if that means it's LI 160 or what. I've sent them a follow-up email to ask.

This forum is clearly abandoned, but I'm going to keep posting my findings here in hopes that they might help someone who stumbles on it.


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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing the information with the rest of us! I'd be curious to know what you hear back from Nutrigold. Even though they have a reputation for producing high quality supplements, they push it a bit too hard on the "gluten free" and "non-GMO" pedal for me to take them too seriously.

ps> I have been taking the Perika brand for about 6 months with good results. In the first few weeks, it only had an anxiolytic and calming effect. 3 to 4 weeks in, the mood brightening effect kicks in, along with some zombie-ness typical of serotonergic antidepressants.

I hope this site isn’t abandoned! I just got here! And at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist (I’m truly not) I do think the pharmaceutical industry has something to do with the discontinuation of some herbs. They (big pharma) also don’t take kindly to BHRT. I’m trying to grow some of my own SJW. Apparently it can grow as fast as a weed around here. I realize it won’t be as potent as the concentrated forms taken in a pill, but what the heck. I don’t mind brewing some tea and seeing how it goes.
Availability is definitely a problem. The previous time I took SJW, a great brand called "Neurokan" was available here in Sweden. Now only one expensive brand with just 40-73 mg per tablet is available, as well as a tea which seems to contain all sorts of twigs and other plant material.

I ended up ordering Natues Aid Ucalm just to have something to get me started. It works quite well in spite of not being standardized, but I will switch to Jarsin when I run out. German stores like versandApo and MyCare ship to other countries in the EU and maybe overseas too? If you order in large batches, the shipping cost isn't that bad.


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I think Neurokan is discontinued, and I'm not sure it was ever available under that brand name outside Sweden/Scandinavia. It was a WS 5770 extract like Perika and Neuroplant, which are still available.

In Europe, your choices are:
LI 160: Jarsin (Klostenfrau), Kira (Niehaus Pharma)
WS 5770: Neuroplant (Dr. Willmar Schwabe)
There may be other standardized brands on the German market, but these are the ones that can easily be ordered from online pharmacies that ship internationally. Shipping from e.g. VersandApo or MyCare to any EU country is about €20 so it pays off to save up and place one larger order rather than multiple small ones.

USA/North America:
LI 160: From what I can tell, your only option would be to import Jarsin or Kira
WS 5770: Perika (Nature's Way)
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