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Coming Off SJW

Hi Everyone,

I'm 27 and female, and I've been taking SJW since March 2007, so nearly 7 years. When I began taking it, I was very unhappy but did not wish to take synthetic anti-depressants. For me, SJW took a couple of months to have a result, and another couple of months to find the best dose for me. With 0.3% hypericin SJW, I found that 900mg (3 pills) was too much and made me feel sad again, but 600mg (2 pills) was too little, so I alternate: 2 pills one day, 3 the next. This seems to work for me, and I have been an ardent fan of SJW ever since. After a couple of years, I began to undo the damage the depression had done, and I began to feel my old self again.

Having said all that, I do not want to take any medication for the rest of my life, even if it is a herbal medication. As well as this, I want to take the oral contraceptive pill, and I know that it may not work effectively in combination with SJW. Nor does the contraceptive implant, morning after pill and many other medications.

My main question: I would like to begin to phase out of SJW, possibly replacing it with something (even a mild synthetic SSRI to begin with, if necessary). I would like to be off SJW within the next three months ideally, and would like to know if anyone has any advice?
Has anyone successfully transferred to another medication, herbal or otherwise?
If so, how did it work for you and what guidance might you offer?

Mostly, I do not want to become depressed again. When I have attempted to stop taking SJW cold turkey, within a couple of days I feel easily irritable, anxious, depressed and teary. I know that phasing out SJW needs to be a gradual process, but I would be grateful for any advice people could give for coming off it easily, quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your help.


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How about if you switched to some other herbal antidepressants, that would be safe to take with a synthetic SSRI? For example you could try out Holy Basil (Tulsi) or Wild Oats Milky Seed or Ashwagandha (or all three). Alcohol tinctures would probably be best for the first two, and powdered root for the later. That works quite well for some and you'll actually know if it helps right away.

Then you can stop SJW cold turkey, wait a week or two for it to fully flush out and go on synthetic SSRI if Tulsi/Oats/Ashwagandha combo proves to be insufficient. Still I would drop Ashwagandha if you start SSRI, but Tulsi and Oats can be safely combined with it.

PS. these herbs vary in quality quite a bit. I'd recommend buying them fresh, or from reliable organic producers such as Gaia Herbs, mountainroseherbs.com or pacificbotanicals.com.
bonjour, je prends 900 mg par jour et j'ai beaucoup de mal à sortir, tu sais comment? J'ai essayé 150 mg par semaine, mais c'est trop, je ressens beaucoup d'effet de sevrage, vous savez pourquoi