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Coming off Prozac

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself anonymously' started by Faithra84, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Faithra84

    Faithra84 New Member


    I have been taking 40 MG of Prozac for about six months and recently decided that I wanted to try something non-habit forming and OTC to help with my mild anxiety. I have worked my way down to 10 MG a day and plan to be off completely by the end of the week. My question is: Is it best to wait two weeks to start taking SJW? What is the recommended time gap if any? I don't want to kill over by switching too soon but I can't seem to find any real support that I am comfortable with. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  2. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Faith! I don't think you need to wait two weeks. Some people start SJW while they're still weaning off their prescription med and it seemed to work fine. I don't think there's a rule either way, and generally don't want to make the time gap too difficult. Most important is to never stop taking a prescription med abruptly as it can really make you feel awful. Here's hoping the SJW, or any other OTC solution you try, works great for you!

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