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I have been taking New Chapter SJW for the past year or so on a regular basis. I've had good results and it has been consistently effective. However, today I went in for a through eye exam due to a history of Glacoma in my family. What they found was good eye pressure (no Glacoma) but the beginning of cataracts in both eyes. The eye Doc was a bit surprised as at my last exam about a year and 1/2 ago, there were no signs of cartaracts. I know this could just be the result of aging, but in light of several studies that show an elevated risk of cataracts in long term SJW users, I think it's time to stop and try something else like SAM-e. If you've been using SJW for a long time, it might be a good idea to get your eyes checked just to be on the safe side.


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Hello Pysc2, would you mind telling me if you were taking the Serofin brand or the SC27 of New Chapter St. Johns Wort. Thanks!



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Thanks for the reply Psyc2. I had hoped that you would've said the Serofin brand and not SC27 since the Serofin is advertised as whole herb and SC27 as hyperforin only. Hypericin is the active ingredient in SJW that is implicated in Cataracts and Photosensitivity so I had been hoping that the SC27 would be free from hypericin and free of this dangerous side-effect. I guess this means the SC27 is not hypericin free. Thanks again and best of luck to ya.

Best SJW brand to avoid photosensitivity is ... SAM-e ?


Yes it is hard to believe but I came to the same conclusion. My eyes were hit with "standard" SJW and they were also hit with SC27. I don't think that flavonoids are involved in this, so in my opinion SC27 does contain some hypericin.

Psyc 2,

Please don't go outside on a bright day without your sunglasses because the progress of cataract may not stop immediately even if you discontinue SJW.

And if you start SAM-e don't forget to interfere here :
SAM-e will help you if you are on the "tired" side of depression.
If you are on the "anxious" side you should certainly start with a very low dosage.


I just had a cataract removed from my right eye. I've been taking Perika SJW for about 4 years. The doctor claims the cataract came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, my eyesight started getting worse and worse. So far, my left eye is ok. The dr didn't seem to know why I got it so young (I'm 49). I told him about the SJW but he didn't seem concerned about it. Of course, at the time I didn't know there was any correlation between SJW and cataracts. I am thinking of stopping the SJW altogether but I don't know what to use instead. I tend to be more on the hyper/nervous side plus I have a sensitive stomach so I have to be careful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I wonder why only your right eye is hit. Do you often wink your left eye? Beware stopping SJW is not enough to protect your left eye since some hypericin may be trapped (?bound?) in it. In your case I would use sunglasses during one or two years for security.

According to what I am reading here and there 5-HTP could be a decent option for you. It may hurt your stomach but no more than the SJW ?crap?.

Please take care of yourself.