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Can't take SJW- Help!

(This question may also help those who have posted in the Rhodiola forum without getting a response.) It seems more of you check this forum instead. Anyway, although i would love to try SJW, I take oral contraceptives which have been shown to lose their efficacy when taken along with the herb. So.. I figured I would try Rhodiola which seems like the next best supplement. I have tried Enzymatic Therapy, taking 2 pills in the am. I guess it helped a little to lift my spirits, but since this is the only brand i have tried so far, i'm not sure what to expect. I just ordered Nature's Plus, and by what others have said; taking 1 pill/day is sufficient. I was wondering if anyone else has had a positive effect with Rhodiola and if so, what was the brand and dosage? My mood really flucuates ( i'm guessing also as a side effect of taking OCP's), but unforunately i'm stuck taking them to help regulate my cycle. I know it's not the only reason i'm down in the dumps most of the time, but i'm sure it's related. Anyway, I have tried L-Tyrosine which i stopped taking since I couldn't seem to tell any difference. I am also currently taking 5-HTP 100mg every night which helps me sleep (been taking this for about two years now). Not really sure if this has helped my mood much either! I would really appreciate if anyone could offer additional suggestions or comments regarding Rhodiola or other supplements i should try. Thanks in advance!


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All the good posts of Rhodiola Rosea are the ones I archived here in the new forum... you can find some posts on the best brands and the amount of take. The Nature's Way brand is pretty popular, and 100mg of that has 3% rosavins and 1% salidroside. Note that many (perhaps even most) other brands have different concentrations, so you really have to do a wee bit of math to figure out how much to get the equivallent.

I have to say, though, that if you're also taking 5-HTP then it's gonna be pretty hard to know what (the Rhodiola or the 5-HTP) is helping you, or doing what. I wish you best of luck but if you really want to know how you'll reach to each one you have to take them one at a time.

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Thanks for your response

Thanks Kelly,

I didn't notice any postings regarding the Nature's Way brand, only Nature's Plus which I can only special order through Vitamin Shoppe. Unfortunately they have not fulfilled my order after 3 weeks, so I resorted to ordering Rhodiola, the NOW brand. I order the majority of my supplements through bodybuilding.com, as I have found they are the cheapest in regards to overall price and have the quickest delivery. I have read from other postings that the NOW brand is very reliable in addition to being very affordable. Anyway, although it shows I am a new member, i have been reading your forum for over 2 years now. I also have been taking 5-htp for over two years experimenting with all brands. My usual dosage has been 100mg per night for 2 years now. I have noticed as others have posted that the effect has decreased. Because of this effect, I recently tried NOW's new 200mg 5-htp with l-Tyrosine. I believe that this dosage of 5-htp is too much for me and I didn't quite feel like myself the next day. I am sticking with the belief that all supplements should be taken within the suggested dosage according to studies. I am well aware of the prescribed anitdepressants/antipsychotices that most general physicians prescribe. I have 6 more months until i get my MD and plan to help all those who suffer through the common symptoms posted. I think most doctors want to give an "easy fix" which isn't necessarliy the best due to unwarrented side effects. Believe me, I need as much anti-anxiety tx as anyone else. In the long run, from what i've read and learned, prescription antidepressants/antipsychiotics have far more side effects than the supplements discussed in this forum. I really admire all of you for researching this information on your own, as I (someone who wants to help in the future as a doc) will consider all the alternatives. Thanks again for all the inspirational posts....... although you may not get responses there are many people that read and can relate! Best of luck to you all.