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Cancer caused my depression.

My depression started about 20 years ago after my dad died of cancer, I was 42 at the time and this sent me into a real low.
About 10 years later I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which I had removed before it was able to spread beyond the prostate gland. About 5 years later my Mum also died of cancer .
Three years later my lovely wife of 39 years died of bowel cancer that had Metastasized to her liver.
The next couple of years were hell, I suffered a deep depression started drinking, smoking and not getting on at all.
Last year I moved closer to my son and his family, started exercising and eating healthier, I also stopped the cigs and cut back the drinking.
This has all helped however I am still feeling low so today taken my first SJW, just hope it works. I will report back in a few weeks