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bubbles of nothing, by aiveen (1 reply) - Jun 23, 2001


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Topic Title: bubbles of nothing


"bubbles of nothing" , Sat 23 Jun 22:23 hey groovers

well today I turn 27, I made it through the worst year of my life!!! Just like to say that this site helped me heaps when I was at my worst, I often forget to take my SJW now and find that if I do forget it doesn't really bother me. My headaches have subsided quite a bit and I even had a small party last night to celebrate the birthday thing :) I'm not saying that I'm cured but I think I'm well on the way to recovery. chin up everyone and in the words of Rachael Hunter "it won't happen over night, but will happen" (cheesy I know but I just couldn't help myself)

peace, love & mungbeans from down under
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"Re(1):bubbles of nothing" , Wed 27 Jun 14:06 Yay! Good to hear. Thanks for the enouraging words, and for sticking around to tell us about things.

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