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Brands and dosage that you're on? by jdringer (1 reply) - Mar 14, 2001


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Topic Title: Brands and dosage that you're on?


"Brands and dosage that you're on?" , Wednesday 14 Mar 11:07 Hi from Arizona. I'm new to this. Just found this board. I am currantly weaning off ZOloft. Am now down to 15 mg. day. At what point can I start incorporating St. Johns Wort? And what's the best dosage to start off on? Has anyone gained weight on St. JOhns wort? I and many others have gained weight while on Zoloft. Has anyone else had this experience in Zoloft? I am treating moderate depression and anxiety, which are hormonal related do to a hysterectomy (of which I'm now also on naturla HRT> Guess, I just want to know what are the best quality brands out there and also, if anyone is taking HTP-5 with good results? Thanks, Pauline jdringer@ctaz.com
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"Re(1):Brands and dosage that you're on?" , Mon 9 Apr 12:14 I used to take Zoloft, too. I did not have any of the side effects you mentioned. It actually worked very well for me. However, I started taking SJW, because I have found it to be just as effective, and it is MUCH cheaper! I have had no side effects since taking SJW. I would say that I was off of the Zoloft for a few weeks before starting SJW and noticed no overlap of the two drugs. I have also gained no weight, but I did not gain weight on Zoloft either. I actually am eating less, as I am less depressed. I am taking 300mg, 3 times per day. You will find that this is the recommended dose (look at med. websites for this info, to confirm). The brand I am taking is Nature's Bounty, which I bought at Tom Thumb grocery store. I was taking a brand called Nature's Fingerprints, which is available at GNC. These were 500mg capsules, which I took twice a day. I also read on a website to be certain your capsules contain only SJW and nothing else (such as kava kava, gingko, etc.). Both of these brands contain SJW only.

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