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birth control combination, by elly (2 replies) - May 24, 2001


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Topic Title: birth control combination


"birth control combination" , Mon 14 May 12:26 I have been using SJW for over a year now, off & on, for moderate to severe pms; as well as mild-moderate depression, in combination with low dosage estrogen/progesterone birth control pills, Mircette. I have not encountered any major menstrual cyclical changes and certainly no pregnancies!
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"Re(1):birth control combination" , Thu 17 May 16:31 Hi,

I am new to this site. It has some great information!

Like you I have been using SJW for a couple months for severe PMS, and mild depression. I am very happy (no pun) with the results. My last two cycles went off with hardly any tears or feelings of abandonment.
I just started on Low dose Birth Control Pills. A friend told me that the SJW reduced the effectiveness of the BCP's. I am in a panic.
I haven't taken my SJW in about 4 days, and I can already tell the difference.
Everything I read says it "May" "Might" "Possibly" .....this is frustrating.

any new info links would be appreciated

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"Re(2):birth control combination" , Sun 3 Jun 04:50 Hi, I've been taking SJW for a couple of years now and love it. I recently (a few months) went on the pill, as I have a 12m old baby and am content with just one for the time being.
I became pregnant. (I take my pill without fail, haven't missed a day yet.)
Sadly, I lost the baby very early. I was just beginning to be sure that I was pregnant when I miscarried. There is no clear reason for the miscarriage, but as far as I can tell, the SJW interfered with the contraceptive pill.
My ob wouldn't commit as far as that, due to the lack of research on the subject.
But in my opinion, if you really don't want a baby, use another form of contraception.
BTW, as far as SJW use in pregnancy goes, again, not enough research. I was on it when I became pregnant with my first baby (found out at 5w and stopped taking it immediatly) and she's fine =0)
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