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I've tried passionflower but too early yet to tell. Something tells me to just up the dose if you want a stronger effect . You can take 600mg BID intead of 300 or even the entire dose at once. SJW seem very well tolerated even in very high dose. Not really sure if it will help or where the sweet spot is for me. ATM I stick with 450mg x 2 daily

I;ve also tried DLPA (DL-Phenylalanine) + SJW on empty gut and that seems to give an effect similar to low dose Wellbutrin. I tried 5mg diazepam (valium) the other week and it had a sort of pleasant effect - but again i cannot say if it was the SJW combo or valium . Because SJW has complex drug action, raises serotonin, I would not use 5htp or go low dose with both.