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appreciate u

I appreciate anybody who can send me SC27 by UPS cos i can't find it in my country.
even for KIRA or other sjw brands i travel to near countries to buy it but SC27 i could not find it there.

sorry for my English



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I wouldn't recommend this, there are too many potential problems in this situation for the buyer or the seller, or both. Why not try eBay or a merchant that ships internationally and accepts other forms of payment?


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Sorry hun I dont think Id be sending you the cost of 10 packs...sure I cant even afford the costs of ten packs in one go myself...theya re ?24.99 sterling....sorry no can do....you will just have to get something else that works for you in your own country...


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I got email with link from sjw stating that message was posted on this saying to send him/her 10 packs and will be paid by western union or something....but its not posted ....have you deleted it kelly....(just wondering)....
thanks LINDYLOO for your efforts to help me i think it is better for me to book ticket tomorrow to EGYPT to look for sjw there
i appreciate you very much .......that will cost and take more time but i hav't other way.
online trying;;
I?m sorry but we do not ship internationally.
Thank you,

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I had a quick look on the internet and it seems that all online suppliers require payment by credit or debit card -- mainly for security, it seems.

Shipping doesn't seem to be the problem. If you can pay, they'll basically ship to any country.

What country do you live in?