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Hello. Been a while.
I started on 5-HTP, taking 25-50mg. orally and sublingually. Been on this for a few months.
Seems to work well the first week, than not well anymore. WHen I first started it I was happy,
and no anxiety.
But, I also have multiple other health problems, one being in a severe stage of adrenal exhaustion.

I weaned off "10 years of Zoloft" use as of last May.
I wonder too about long term side effects or damage from the use of of this SSRI.

Has anyone had help for mainly anxiety, with any natural supplemenet other than 5-HTP?

I've read to that taking 5-HTP can build up more in the blood without reaching the brain.
From the Life extension foundation. and in the book "Depression Free Naturally.

Any help would be so appreciated. I think too, I noticed about the 5-6 years when on ZOloft,
it was not working much anymore, and this lead to more stress intolerance which already than
was putting more stress on my adrenals and thyroid.
Thank you.