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Angry, upset... anybody???


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I just started my 4th week on perika sjw and haven't seen a significant difference yet. From other posts, I gather that it could take up to 6 weeks for the effect to kick in. I am REALLY hoping that I feel better by then so
I am going to continue taking it. wish me luck!!! Any suggestions on how I can make it more effective.. I take it 3 times with meals???
Also, I've been noticing that I get angry, frustrated more easily than before. Seems like I have a short(er) fuse. Anybody experience this??? Is it temporary or is it a side effect that I have to live with? Any insight or info would be appreciated!!!
Dear Hopeful,
I have been on Perika for about 2-2 and a half months now and I felt the exact same way you did after a couple of weeks. I was SUPER irritable. This is a temporary effect. Also, after 4 weeks, since I too was not noticing a difference taking 900 mg daily, I increased my dosage until I finally reached 1800 which is the max dosage. This is safe and has been done in clinical trials when the standard dosage is not effective. Everyone is different. Everyone's level and type of depression will vary. Many people find that a higher dose is required when your depression is more severe. I hope this helps.
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you all with my experience with Perika so far. While it has worked to alliviate my depression (YAY!!!), it also unfortunately makes me too irritable and anxious as alot of folks here have also stated. I find that it interacts with caffeine and alchohol and I am also experiencing unreasonable levels of fatigue. I have tried different dosages but seem nothing seems to help with the side effects. Still, if you've ever taken a prescription SSRI, this is a walk in the park compared to that. I am now going to switch to Kira which seems to be a more balanced ratio of hypericin/hyperforin content. Hopefully this will be just as effective with less undesirable effects.


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...because of alcohol or caffeine

Hi Jeanine,

Maybe it's because you are taking too much caffeine and alcohol. Try cutting down... just a suggestion. as you know perika is not working for me, maybe I should try kira brand. I am afraid to double my dose.. did you see the difference right away after getting to 1800mg dose or did you have to continue to take it for a couple of days before you saw the effect??? thanks
Hi Hopeful,
Yes, I noticed that within a day or two of doubling my dose, I felt better. But that's when I really started noticing the fatigue and headaches were getting worse. I hardly ever drink anymore and I switched to tea instead of coffee which did seem to help but I would still have my good days and bad days. And on my "bad days", I have been very irritable, anxious and angry at times which is obviously not helpful and also seems to be a very common complaint with Perika. I think Kira might be a more balanced formula. I have been on Perika for about 3 months and while I do think it works for depression, it's just a matter of what side effects are tolorable for you. If you feel like you've given it a fair shake, then I would try Kira which seems to be very popular. I hope this helps.
-Jeanine :smile:


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I've been upping my dose and will try 1800mg for a couple of days. The difference between you and me is that sjw hasn't really worked for me. Even 900mg was making me angry so I am not sure what 1800mg would do but I'll try it anyway. I've noticed that I feel kind of out of it and distracted at work lately. It could be because of the death of my father as you've probably read in my other post but sjw probably has something to do with it also?? I guess I'll know for sure soon. I may try kira although I am kinda reluctant because sjw didn't really work for me. maybe I can try kira for a week or so to see to difference. If there is no difference then I'll know sjw is not for me. We'll see what happens. I really wish it worked like it did for so many people!! Thanks, hopeful
Hi hopeful,
I'm so sorry for the loss of your Father. I lost my Dad when I was 20 and went through a deep depression as well. I didn't take anything for it but drank and took drugs to try and kill the pain. DON"T do what I did. I wish I knew about St. John's Wort back then. Ok...honestly hopeful, I would try Kira if I were you. If you want to experiment with higher doses of Perika, it's ok. It has been done in clinical trials when subjects did not respond to the 900mg a day dose. However, I do believe the higher your dose the more side effects you are likely to experience. At least that has been my experience. I did not respond to Perika until I raised the dose to 1500-1800 daily. I have to say, since I've stopped taking it, I am WAY less grumpy and I now have zero headaches. I'll let you know how it goes on Kira when I get it in the mail, (I ordered online from The Vitamin Shoppe.com). Try and take it one day at a time and remember that it is normal helpful to grieve. I wish you the best.


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Thanks!! I am ok, I don't drink or do drugs. My condition has been there long before my father's death. Now that I am back home and alone, i think about it especially when I go to bed at night but I am sure I'll be ok!!
i am trying increasing the dose. honestly, I don't think it'll help but just wanna try it for a couple of days so i don't wonder about it later on. I am still debating about trying kira now. it's the most expensive brand of sjw. maybe, I can get a small bottle and try for a couple of weeks. That should be enough to know if it'll work for me or not. what do you think? Also, should I try some other drug store brand or do you think it'll be a waste of time and money??
Thanks for the support!
I know you're going to be alright too. I've been there and it just takes time. I've also had depression of varying degrees for most of my life too. I think it's just a matter of finding the right formula of SJW and sticking with it at least 6 months after you feel better to avoid remission. Although I know that there have been people who have been on it for years with no ill effects so it just depends on how you feel. Hmmm...Kira is not expensive at all here in the U.S. where it is marketed under a company named Kwai. I think it is something like $9 or 10 US dollars for a box of 45 tablets. Their website is: www.lichtwer.com And you can purchase it directly from their website and they ship internationally. I would first try Kira before trying another brand since it is the most researched brand of St. John's Wort in the world and seems to be very popular. Hang in there Hopeful! :smile:


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6 weeks are up...

Well, I upped my dose and still didn't see any real difference. I am at the end of my 6 weeks... still debating about trying kira sjw. Either way, i think I'll take at least a 2 week break to see how I feel. See if it gets better, worse or no change. speaking of kira being expensive, I got 60 pills of perika for less than $9 and all the other brands are probably cheaper than that. on the other hand, kira is not that expensive that you go broke, specially if it works then definitely it'll be a worthwhile investment. anyway, if I decide not to try it, it won't be because of price. Let's hope for the best and I'll keep you posted. Thanks! hopeful
Also angry, irritable and fatigued with SJW!!

I have a read a few posts now about feelings of anger, irritability and fatigue while on SJW. Looking back now I really think I experienced this too. I took one brand for 7 weeks and then switched to Perika for a couple weeks. Neither helped with depression and I felt much quicker to anger and frustration. Now with the Perika I have felt unusually fatigued too. As soon as I stop the SJW these things subside. I don't want to discourage people from trying SJW but now I realize this was happening to me too and it was a bad situation for my children and family. You can't be short fused with little children to take care of. Something to watch out for if you try it. I have moved on to Sam-e now and feel instantly more energized on this. (I have taken a prescription SSRI in the past and never had the anger/fatigue side effects.) So a word of caution to others.

One thing everyone needs to understand is that *any* anti-depressant will make more serotonin and norepinephrine available in the brain and blood stream. These are the hormones that are necessary to feel good. But, too much of these hormone will increase your blood pressure, cause anxiety, panic attacks, and give you a very short fuse...irritability. This can get confusing since some of these symptoms are also symptoms of depression, that you are trying to treat with the SJW.

When experiencing these symptoms, try reducing the dosage of the SJW. Different brand names won't help since the problem may be that you are already getting too much. Increasing the dose just makes the problem worse or has no effect. Check your blood pressure to make sure you aren't way above average since this is very hard on your body.

If reducing the dose of the SJW doesn't help, go off it completely. If you are still having the same problems after stopping theSJW, it's time for a check-in with your doc to make sure that something more serious isn't going on.
Not Likely In This Case

Thank you for the clarification. These are good points to keep in mind. As I mentioned, I have taken an SSRI and did not experience the negative side effects of irritability and fatigue as I did with SJW. I think it unlikely that that I was getting too much as the symptoms of depression were not alleviated. But those side effects did disappear after going off SJW. And I believe different brands can make a difference esp those that are standardized for hyperforin. SJW is not for everyone. A good alternative for some might be SAM-e. It is generally energizing and rarely produces any side effects. In fact it has been shown to produce fewer side effects than a placebo! I am taking SAM-e now and do not have any symptoms of irritability and fatigue.


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Hi Momtokippy,

are you taking sam-e for the depression?
Is it effective for you? and if yes, after how long does it show its effect?

thanks Apollon
Hi there,
I have been taking Sam-e 400 mg by Nature Made in the am on an empty stomach for several weeks. many people seem to benefit from Sam-e but I have not noticed anything yet. :frown: I have just upped my dose this am to 800 mg. Trouble is I get tummy problems from sam-e. I wish I could find more information about how to take this supplement. I have read two of the prominent bookas about sam-e and they still do not answer some of my specific questions and I can not find a good discussion board for ths supplement.