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Amoryn working for bipolar and major depression

i wanted to share my recent experience with amoryn in the treatment of bipolar and major depression.
i've tried many meds in the past, including mood stabilizers, paxil, and mostly wellbutrin for the last EIGHT years. i've tried st john's wort by itself as well as in combo with wellbutrin.
i've been taking AMORYN for the last two and a half weeks and have already noticed a DRAMATIC improvement in my mood, as well as relaxation, less mood swings, etc. Maybe not helping decrease the manic episodes as much, but those were never the incapacitating problem anyway, at least for me, I just get more done.
Like I said, it's only been two weeks, but so far I'm SO excited about this supplement, I hope others will try it as well. In addition, if you don't have health insurance(like me!) this is an extremely comparable alternative to Paxil!
Anyone with similar, more long term experiences with Amoryn, I'd love to hear from you

hi cocolove
glad to hear amoryn is working for you. i have been reading about this and was wondering if anyone else takes it and if it works for themthanks

hi, i am weaning off pristiq and am pretty ill with the side effects. i have been taking 100mg for three years and it really helped but has shut down any interest or sexual enjoyment. i am thinking about taking Amoryn or / and Serenity. I have vy low Serotonin and dopamin and ADHD which was diagnosed at age 40 after i had a hysterectomy and the symptoms increased due to less estrogen = less neurotransmitters etc... I now use 20mg Adderall instants 3 x a day. Is anyone using either or any combo of these drugs and what is your experience? Thank you!
I have just started with Amoryn,only one week,they say it can take up to six weeks to work,I will post results,hoping it will work,but six weeks is a long time.