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alchohloism and sjw, by shlompyboy (+9 replies)


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Topic Title: alchohloism and sjw - Dec 30, 2001


"alchohloism and sjw" , Sun 30 Dec 19:10: ok..so i've read the posts about alchohol and sjw, but they were more sort of a occasional beer senario..my question is, will the effects of sjw be changed with the daily consumption of alchohol? i am an alchoholic, and i realize how this plays a part in my depression, but more realisticly there are other factors in my life that contribute more..i have always had these boughts with depression, but they have gotten worse with the events of the last few years of my life..i have always been a firm believer in working out the problems myself to make them permanent, instead of becoming reliant on another drug..but considering the fact that i have 'seriously' considered suicide more in the last year than the rest of my life comibined, i have decided to try this (sjw) out..anyways, i doubt i can stop drinking anytime soon, and was just wondering how this might affect the results i get from sjw..realizing that alchohol can be a depressive (especially when used alone daily)..thankz..

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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Mon 4 Feb 17:46 I used to drink every night. 2-3 cases a beer/wk was not unusual and sometimes more. Once I started I wouldn't stop til my eyes couldn't stay open any more. My whole day revolved around quickly getting my first beer. Anywho since I started SJW my desire for alcohol is pretty much gone. I now drink occasionally but believe that may stop also since I get terrible hang overs since taking SJW (something I never had much of a problem with before). I've taken it for about 6 months now and had originally taken it 8 years ago for many years. I stopped and the drinking and depression started up again. Finally I went back on and I feel great once more! I've often wondered about the lack of desire for alcohol and SJW (also the increase in hang-over intensity). I'm glad I found this web site (which was quite by accident--I was looking for natural remedies for my sons plantar warts lol).

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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Wed 9 Jan 17:10: i've been dealing with depression for years. through my teens, i used pot(& lots of other rec. drugs!) as an anti-depressant. in my twenties, i sequed from pot to 'light' drinking. somehow by the middle of my 30's, i found myself drinking 'lightly' every single night & became panicked if i ended up at a restaurant that didn't serve alcohol! i don't think i am an alcoholic, but i DO know i am a person with a propensity toward chemical dependancy. anyway, it was suggested to me about 10 yrs. ago to try anti-deps. but i just didn't want to (side effects, not 'natural', blah blah blah). i tried a LOT of natural things and some worked a little(like exercise and therapy and support)for a while but not always. and b/c i have never felt THIS good, when i look back at what i thought was working, i realize it really wasn't doing much. i never had any REAL success with sjw or anything else until this time and the difference, i think, is due to the fact that i quit drinking all together about 3 months ago. it was not an easy place to get to. for so long, i did not WANT to quit drinking. i love wine! i love beer! but i reached a real real low( i told myself one night i would have 2 glasses of wine & i ended up drinking the whole bottle, +), and i said 'c., just don't drink for 2 months. then, if you want, you can drink again.' 2 months didn't seem so long and i looked forward to resuming. but when the time was up, i didn't want to resume. i had re-started sjw & i also began with 5-htp and i felt so good--so clear headed and stable--that i didn't want to mess with it.


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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Sat 5 Jan 20:22 There has been a link between depression and alcoholism. The study was done with rats but I think it's true http://www.independent.co.uk / "Many people think the link may be a deficiency of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain."

My body absorbs and reacts extremely fast to drugs. When I started SJW, I hadn't researched it. I was desperate to find something to help my depression,(menopause, and suicidal thoughts) I am also an alcoholic.

SJW depleted my desire for alcohol and turned me back into to the diplomatic, optimistic person I used to be, WITHIN 4 DAYS.

The problem is it also raised my blood pressure and my vision was dimming. Also, I live in Florida so the sensitivity to the sun doesn't help at all.

I have lowered my dosage and so far this has helped. BP is lower and vision is not dimming anymore.

My point is, you shouldn't drink with SJW. BP reasons. If you are taking it and still drinking, please check your blood pressure weekly.

SJW is making a great difference in my life, (just ask my husband). I am returning to my normal self.

Research it the whole time you are using it. It's wonderful, but research is done continuously and you need to keep updated with the results.

This forum is a great place to share this information.

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"Re(2):alchohloism and sjw" , Fri 11 Jan 07:14 If sjw is causing light sensitivity, try switching to Sam-e. I did and I like it much better. Besides, I enjoy tanning under the Florida sun.

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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Mon 31 Dec 05:26 I want to suggest that you try 5htp. I have found that with the dose I take 250 mg 2x/day no craving for alcohol. And when I do drink I can easily stop. It is definitely worth a try. Now I only drink on occasion and I can keep it under control with 5htp. I'm sure if you do some research on 5htp others have had the same results.

I have to say that I used to use alcohol to "calm my nerves" and would drink till I passed out. Now I use 5htp and Kava Kava.

Here are a couple websites for you to visit.
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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Mon 31 Dec 04:43 Hi Guys:

I'm not an alcoholic and never have been, but as a British University student (which makes me tantamount to one!!) who takes SJW, I can give you the following advice and recount these experiences.....Alcohol is an EXTREMELY strong depressant - and although it makes one feel great when drinking, if one is prone to depression you will feel a hell of alot more depressed the next day - end of the world is nigh etc etc. But then I imagine that is what makes people drink again, hence a vicious circle...

Also I (and many others on this site) have noticed that when taking SJW, not only does one feel even more (much more) depressed after a 'session', but the physical effects of the alcohol are also vastly augmented - I had a 2 day hangover once following an unusually heavy night of celebration which saw me drink almost a whole bottle of JD.

Although not in the same shoes as you two chaps, my advice is to attempt to cut down on booze (at least gradually), anf to take as much exercise (which makes you breathless - can be sex!!) as you feel able to - clears the mind and body in my experience!

Good Luck Chaps!!


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"Re(1):alchohloism and sjw" , Mon 31 Dec 00:50 I am also surprised about the lack of posts regarding alcohol and sjw given a lot of heavy drinkers do so because they are depressed. i consider myself a mildly depressed heavy drinker. i would have a heavy drinking night at least every second night and would be a happy drinker but as soon as i went a couple of days with out a drink i would become very depressed, bored and everything seemed too serious or stressful. the problem was this lifestyle meant i was hungover nearly all the time although like i said the depression only kicked in after a couple of days off the grog. basically i was using alcohol as an anti depressant (now many will say this is rediculous but it made me happy but it made it hard to function effectively at work and with other aspects of my life) i have been on st johns for a couple of months but haven't stopped this drinking but have slowed down a little. i have found i can go 3 to 4 days without drinking and the urge to have a big night on the drink is not quite as strong. st johns gives me a sort of light headed care free feeling where i don't worry about things quite as much. i caution you however to be VERY careful as i definately get drunk easier when drinking and on st johns at the same time and the headaches are worse afterwards. since you say you are an alcoholic i would get other oponions before starting on sjw. at the very least start on very light doses of sjw which is what i did. it certainly isnt ideal to combine the 2, which i am not recommending as i hope soon i can totally give up alchohol as i think my life can improve as a result. the point of this is to give you some perspective on the topic. i know when i was deciding whether to use sjw i was fustrated by the lack of info about alcohol and sjw. i wish u all the very best, feel free to email me, and if anyone else out there has experiences regarding this topic please post as i haven't found many posts about this.

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"Re(2):alchohloism and sjw" , Tue 8 Jan 10:45 I totally agree with you that there's hasn't been much discussion about the effects of sjw and its link with alcohol. I am not a big drinker and never was. Occasionally I drink socially which is more like a glass of wine or a tonic drink here and there. I have noticed that when I start to drink, I feel pretty buzzed right away. Last time I went out drinking, I was able to dance the alcohol out of my system. Although once I had a couple of shots with friends when we were out and I have to tell u that the next few days were like hell for me. I felt so down and depressed like my life was over and there was a black cloud hanging over my head. Now I see a clear relation here. I exercise moderately so maybe that could also be a reason that I recover. I hope my experiences would help those seeking information and support. SJW has helped me a lot u guys but it takes time and patience and motivation to make changes in your life as well as a good network of friends cuz nothing helps like talking. Good luck!

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"Re(3):alchohloism and sjw" , Wed 9 Jan 06:40 I experience the exact same feelings you describe when drinking alcohal. I miss my Manhattan ****tail that I so enjoyed on occasion, but I realize it just doesn't sit right with me any longer, so I just don't drink.

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