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about me


My first forum! Will try to make a long story in a short version!
Excaped Romania in 1969 in a car engine, Lancia Fulvia, 1 year in Capua, Italy in "escapees" camp, emigrated to USA, american citizen 5 years later.

1980 married a gorgeous american Harvard ba, mba, bla, bla, bla, no children, too busy travelling and work, work, work, high end renovation work for Valentino, Giorgio Marciano, Guess, Armani, etc.

In 2000, invited to see Romania after revolution, Mike had a seminar "know-how" and started the fever to work abroad!

Still here, great life, big fish in a small pond. So far so good.

Lately developed cronique fatigue, hard to concetrate and forgeting too often where I placed my glasses! In the refrigerator!

But I am optimistic, doing sports, swiming, walking.

Main problem is that I can not smell very well anymore! Not good because I love to cook and is not easy not to taste or smell the spices. And also lately, becomme sad with no reason, a begining of depression perhaps?

What can I take for this? Anyone know? or has the same inconvenience?....

Sorry for my spelling, no spell check in this format!

Chronic Fatigue

The first thing I would do if I were you is to get access to a far-infrared sauna. Either buy one or go somewhere that has one. Do 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week, daily would be better. THe main cause of chronic fatigue is toxins in your body, especially heavy metals. Chronic fatigue will also bring on depression, so I would try the SJW if you are depressed.

Stay away from alcohol, sleeping pills, and any RX or non-RX drugs. My mother had CFS and if she would drink, weird things would happen, like glasses in the refridgerator. SHe even "made"deviled eggs one night for my wedding, by shredding newspaper into the devield egg pans. SHe could never sleep, but then be out like a light on the toilet, or sometimes even standing up!

Good luck, hope I have helped.

Thank you for your advise! I will sauna asap, we have a normal sauna, what is an infrared sauna? Never had one!

I read your bio and I see you are massage therapist! Did you know that you are absorbing all the negative biorytm from your clients? You must clean your feet and hands after each massage! Shake them in the air and if you have grass at home in court yard walk with your bare feet on it! Rub your feet on it hard, walk on it and same with your hands! Takes away the negative vibrations you are absobing from your clients! In the winter time take cotton towels and do the samethyng. Try to massage happy clients!
I hope this helps!

The far-infrared sauna penetrates deeper, without overheating you. This results in a deeper detox. It is awesome.

As far as absorbing clients energy, I know first hand about that. When I was in school and working for the clinic, I would come home every day sick as a dog and in pain from the energy of clients. What actually works for me is when I feel the energy tryiong to transfer, I just recite :What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours" over and over until it stops. It really works.

On a related note, I finally had a day that I did not want to take a 5 hour nap after taking my lunchime meds. I can feel when the AM pill starts to wear off. My kids can tell too. Today, my oldest, who is 6, said "Mom, do you need to take your pills again?". She likes me better medicated too I guess.

Good luck and have a great night.
massage tips

handy tips on the massage, I am not a trained masseuse, but have sometimes given people massages, and I am also thinking of doing massage therapy training...I guess whatever works for getting rid of the negative energy absorbed, but have seen the shaking hands thing, and wondered what it was all about haha.
Perhaps just thinking that you can pass off the negative energy may work? and taking time to relax after each massage...