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5HTP Absolutely stunned

Discussion in '5-HTP, CBD, CEBT Therapy, SAM-e, Rhodiola, books' started by Quest, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Miss M

    Miss M Regular Member

    Hi Quest, Thanks for the feedback. I am actually off to the GP tomorrow for some advise. Fingers crossed:smile:
  2. Miss M

    Miss M Regular Member

    Hey Sheephead, What you have suggested makes a great deal of sense. And after some thought and some other advise from another great member that has been super helpful on this forum, I have decided to take myself off to the GP. I have been doing this alone all my life, never once been to a GP for some guidance or advise. Given that I have tried counsellors/NLP/self help so on and so fourth I think maybe I may need to have some tests done. And possibly have some Xanax on hand as well. Not sure just yet......remaining hopeful as always :talkface: Thanks for your support Sheephead, you are a real gem!
  3. sheephead

    sheephead Moderator

    Good luck Miss M! I hope it all works out for you. :smile:

  4. fripp0971

    fripp0971 Regular Member


    I have often reread your post as an inspirational piece that brings joy to me knowing that something works for someone very well. A curious question - in your post from 30th September, 2006, 03:43 PM you mention 'that little Natrol' pill... did you switch brands of HTP over the time you have used it a few times?

    I have used only the nature's way (with b6) successfully. I tried natural factors and it was like it didn't work one bit. But never tried the Natrol and have seen it in a time-release version and without. Since NW brand works well for me (and my wife said so too), I won't change it up, but was just curious if you eventually figured out the best one for you.

  5. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Checking in time!

    Quest here! Im so happy to see this thread still up. Posting as a VERY long term user of 5HTP I can still say...yes...it still works. I want to check in after so much time has passed because I really want to assure some people that there is hope that it might work for them. I do still prefer an enteric coated tablet. I have tried various brands but Nature's Way still seems superior for me. I also still never need more then 1/2 of one of these pills. More then that would give me a headache. However, many others need more and do quite well on it. I do not need it daily..and the only other mood type supplements I take now are Flax Oil (or Fish Oil usually in the summer months) In my case again I have just never done well on the B vitamins. They tend to make my anxiety worse so after so many back and forth trials with 25 to 50mg of B Complex I stopped...and so did my jitteriness. Everyone is indeed different but I just wanted to clarify what I was still doing that has been working for me. Wishing you all the best of health and happiness. Now..I must be off to tend my farm..on facebook. : )
  6. fripp0971

    fripp0971 Regular Member

    Question for Quest

    So do you take the half pill every other day on a schedule or as needed? I get your analogy from your other posts about your 'gas-tank' but just wondered what the frequency worked out to be.
  7. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    The frequency is still pretty much "gas tank" If Im under an extreme amount of stress for a long period of time eventually the anxiety gets me first. If I just keep pushing on..eventually the sort of no motivation feature starts to seep in. When that happens I know its time for HTP. I may take it a few days or a week...then Im back up to running as if I needed a tune up of sorts. Im quite certain that the Flax/Fish oil keeps me pretty much stable which is why I dont tend to need the HTP very often. But when I do, I have to admit that after all the success that Ive had on it I still want to doubt it. I wait for it to "not" work...I think..Oh this time there's just no way this little pill's going to make this cloud hanging over me go away...but it always does. I think that's a big fear of mine...since I have found such a great answer to so much of my anxiety and depression that somehow it's going to just disappear or stop. But..so far so good...and its been many years now.
  8. Paula Cristina

    Paula Cristina New Member

    Quest....do you know if 5-HTP and typtophan are the same?
  9. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Tryptophan is converted in 5 HTP in the body..some people do better with it that cannot tolerate 5HTP due to headaches, stomach upset etc. Everyone reacts differently to supplements so for some the straight HTP is better and easier.
  10. Paula Cristina

    Paula Cristina New Member

    Hi Quest and thank you so much for replying to my post. I sincerely admire your compassion and kindness for all your posts, updates and all the information you have provided. Once again thank you, you have inspired me to not give up.

    Since my last post I have done some research on both supplements, and I do agree that everyone reacts differently. Basically, it all comes down to trial and error has you have mentioned in the past. This is what makes it so frustrating for many of us to find the right medication.

    I was just diagnosed with major depression and anxiety disorder. Before my shrink gave me an antidepressant, I ask him to give me a prescription for Tryptophan and he did. I have started taking it 2 weeks ago. I have had fogginess and headaches as a side effect but I am told that this may go away with the continuation of taking the supplement. For now, I am going to stay on it and see what happens. Here in Canada you can only get Tryptophan by prescription. Buy getting it prescribed it will be covered by the government for me. I am not really sure if it is helping with my anxiety, since I am still feeling a bit anxious at times. Only time will tell. I also do plan to see a therapist to help with the anxiety. If I feel it is not helping then I will purchase the 5 HTP which I can buy it over the counter in Canada.

    I am going to do my best to convince my son to try 5 HTP...he was diagnosed with ADHD and at the moment he is in denial that he has a mental illness. Do you know anyone that has taken 5 HTP that has ADHD or is Bipolar? Upon reading through your posts you stated at first that your favourite brand was Healthy Factors. On another post you stated that Nature?s Way was your favourite...which one of these brands do you use now? I looked into both brands and I found that the 5 HTP from Nature?s Way had B6 and Vitamin C. I could not find only 5 HTP by Nature?s Way. Do you know there is one? I am not experience with the brands can you please give advice on a good brand? What brand to you use for flax oil and for the fish oil (fish oil is omega correct?)?

    Blessings to you and continued success!
  11. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    My apologies for not seeing this sooner. Busy summer and not as much internet use. :smile: Natures Way 5 HTP is the one that I keep as most reliable. Natural Factors, Natrol, NOW, etc.. do all put out HTP but in my case ENTERIC coating is a plus. Thus the best luck I have had/continue to have would be Natures Way. Having tried a few others ...well, some give me headaches or tummy aches so I always tend to go right back. The same with Fish Oil. I have tried many brands but always come back to my tried and true. Nordic Naturals Fish Oil EPA Xtra is what mine is called. I take only 2 capsules after breakfast daily currently. The HTP is now as has been on an "as needed" basis. The Flax oil is Barleans. However, it seems in the summer months it is SO hard to get a batch that lasts longer then 3 weeks before tasting a bit bitter. Thus I tend to stick with just the Fish Oil in the summer. If I order it... I do so as an overnight delivery otherwise these oils are sitting in hot UPS trucks. I-Herb and Vitacost, as well as even Amazon deliver my supplements. It really has been trial and error. There were times I took B vitamins, no fish oil, daily HTP, inositol,a multi... But in the end after years of journaling and charting success and failures my constant is 5HTP "does" work for me. I would not be without it. However, with Flax or fish oil I do not need HTP daily. B vitamins absolutely make my anxiety worse, but would give me more energy if I were feeling sluggish. The anxiety isnt worth it for me. A daily multi is okay...but anymore with all of the added Vit D and every other energy booster in them you have to be careful. I take Calcium and magnesium at night. Thats about it. Let me know how you are doing. (I dont know anyone that has taken it with ADHD or is bipolar) SamE, in my opinion, is much more dangerous in anyone bipolar.
  12. maddog

    maddog Regular Member

    Sorry if I jump in. I have bashed 5-HTP in the past but I am ready to swallow my pride and accept that 5-HTP is helpful for anything else than going to sleep earlier.

    Can anybody point me to one, just one single double-blind study on humans that prove that 5-HTP is effective against depression? Otherwise we are just pushing people to spend unnecessary money.

    I, for myself, haven't got too much money, I use it sparingly only for supplements that have been proven to work, such as LI 160, fish oils and chromium, 5 Methyl-Tetrahydrofolate.
  13. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Personally, I never believe anything unless I try it myself. I can read study after study about various herbs or supplements..some pro..some against. So in the end, the best judge may be you. There was enough information out there...enough support and promising personal stories that I decided to try it. If I checked into every major study I wouldnt get that "personal" feeling or input that I really want or need. Cutting through some of the cold studies and getting to the real people on the streets or forums with the problems and their results is what drives me to continue my studies into alternative therapies. :smile: And not all people will be pro...it is the amount of people that are that is telling.
  14. OANA

    OANA New Member

    5HTP for panic disorder

    Hello Everyone!

    I found this amazing website while researching 5HTP on the internet. I suffer from panic disorder for 1 year now, been on Paxil for 6 months and quit 7 week ago. I went through a horrible withdrawal but survived it.
    I don't get horrible panic attacks anymore, only mild ones (heart palpitations and a weird choking sensation in my throat), this is why I started to research for alternative treatments such as 5HTP.
    So, i started taking it 3 days ago. The first day it made me more agitated then usually, second day felt ok, third day not so much.
    I don't know what to do, if I should take it anymore or not. I'm thinking that maybe my body needs to adjust to it ..... or something.
    And so, I wanted to ask if anyone felt bad at the beginning and then felt ok.
    How much time should I give it?
    Thank you, any advice would be very much appreciated!
  15. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Sometimes the withdrawals from SSRIs like Paxil have quite long "aftershocks" as many would agree with. Your body could still be re-adjusting because of that as well. Again, HTP is not as strong as an SSRI.. just as supplements like Kava arent as strong as, say Xanax. The effect(s) may not be as pronounced. It may be working but not as quickly or as obviously as a prescription medication...or it may not. Time and testing will tell. Maybe your doctor can advise vitamins or supplements in conjunction as well that may help you. All the best to you..
  16. Michelle34639

    Michelle34639 New Member

    I have been researching Gaba supplements, and fell into a discussion about L-Tyrosine in conjunction with 5 - HTP, worth noting that it was stated online that a ratio of 10:1 should be used to keep the dopamine and epinephrine levels balanced. Can anyone tell me if they have heard of this? I would like to cycle off my ADD medicine, I find that it is making me very jittery and anxious. I have been on it for a year at about 20mg (vyvanse). I am a student, and I don't want to do anything that would kill my grades (or myself for that matter!). Is it safe to take LTyrosine 500 mg and 5-HTP 50 mg? With or without gaba? I also saw that Quest posted pages back that the Gaba was a bit of a debate on whether it could penetrate the BBB, and since that was years ago (what a long standing thread!) I would like to add that in my research I have found online that it says if you take Gaba with Niacin that it would be able to enter the BBB. I may be saying this a little incorrect, sorry, I am going off memory here. Any help is great, and I understand that advice is just that "advice", and should be taken with a grain of salt, and a larger grain of wisdom. Thanks!!

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