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5HTP Absolutely stunned

Discussion in '5-HTP, CBD, CEBT Therapy, SAM-e, Rhodiola, books' started by Quest, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Hi everyone.
    I'm new posting here, but have been reading for months. I would like to post my experience so that it may help anyone hoping to find hope.
    I have had terrible anxiety with panic attacks with bouts of depression for most of my life, and have been through the Celexa and the Klonopin and the Xanax...the list trails on.
    After kicking the Klonopin, as it was dragging me down, I was once again searching for an answer, some hope. I have studied alternatives for many years, and tried quite a few. Some work, some do not for me. However, I must say that TWO alternatives have worked far better than my expectations.
    1. Sam E In THREE days I was shopping in a mall, going out to eat, and laughing again. This, after having a horrible spell of agoraphobia. I would NEVER have believed it. The only drawback for me was that I felt slightly buzzy and almost caffeineated. It stopped my fears of going out and made me feel bright and full of energy but it didnt stop some of the anxiety attacks. Sam e can actually cause anxiety so I would not necessarily recommend it to anyone with a lot of GAD or PAD. However, on a low dose of 100-200mg a day it might do the trick. Some people get slight nausea, and if you are one of them..take a ginger capsule. It should stop it in its tracks. Ive decided to use Sam e to cycle with and not on a daily basis as it aggrevates my anxiety.
    2. 5 HTP The first day that I took this I was having one of those really shaky days, feeling panicky and down. After I took the first 50mg capsule I must admit that I was expecting the worst...more panic, lightheadedness, too much energy, a caffeine buzz...my kava was on hand in case. However, within 2o minutes, instead of panic, I felt calmness. Again, instead of hiding in my house, I felt like going for a walk. Mind you, Im one of those that have had fears of walking in case I faint..all the old agoraphobic weird frights. I walked, I rode my bike, I went out to eat..at a restaurant..AWAY from an exit. I felt so "normal" I cried. Not one thing, no pharmacy pill, no therapy, had ever done that for me.
    So, its early days with this..only a week and i am WELL aware that it might last, might not. But, if it has worked this well for me it may just be the thing to take in a panic state. As for the depression, it helps, but not as evident as the Sam e. However, this will take a few weeks to properly judge. Since I have a horrid cold right now Im going to stop a few days to make certain that I give the 5HTP a fair shake without contributing feeling crappy from my illness to 5HTP.
    Just thought I would share. I have tried St Johns Wort 3 times, but the lightheadedness it gave me triggers my panic attacks. Otherwise I cant fairly comment on it. Hope this helps some looking for some alternate views. Bless.
  2. syl1979

    syl1979 New Member


    I have just read your post about 5-HTP.

    I am going through exactly the same as you described, agoraphobia, can't go out to shops, or anywhere really, or walk, as you say the fear of feeling dizzy is always there.

    I have just started taking 5-HTP, first one last night.

    I really hope they work as well for me

    Are they still working for you
  3. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    I am sorry to hear that you have to feel the same worries. Its a dreadful circle...always searching, hoping...waiting..on edge.
    I have resumed my 5 HTP. I prefer to take mine in the morning as my anxiety is of course worse then. (If I have to go out) And yes, it seems to do something that I just cannot explain. I would swear to anyone that no way would I be standing in line in a bank (big fear of mine..lines) yet 30 minutes after an HTP I can do just that. I feel no brain fog, no fear. Its similar to a benzo feeling without all the tiredness.
    I was supposed to go shopping for new furniture Sunday and told my husband that I was too frightened..I tend to get motion sick in the car, I have fear of shopping deep in stores without windows, malls ..just the stuff that scares me. He reminded me to take the HTP. In 30 minutes I was off shopping..AND enjoying it. No dizzies...no lightheadedness...no fear.
    Is there a down side? Well, I have kept a journal and note that if I take 1 50 mg in the am for days in a row..that same night I will wake up usually with a caffeine type buzz. I go back to sleep but i tend to awaken with that feeling a few times. Now, from what I have read...because the HTP has worn off certainly by then, it is my body saying "Hey, I need more serotonin" Naturally that says for me to take another HTP at night. However, to be certain I will wait on this and see if that side effect disappears before I take a nightly dose. Also, I know that I will not take it daily as I tend to still feel calm the morning after (even if the night before had me slightly jittery)
    Let me be sure to mention that I am a HUGE frightful scardy cat LOL. I hate taking pills, I look for ANY and all horrible side effects and I definately wont take it if I feel worse then what I am trying to treat. In my opinion so far, I would definately take the HTP if I needed to go out, but I am not able to give a long term opinion. The SAM e works much quicker and better, but there is way more of a scary buzz for me after a few days. Again, that is something I could only take every other day at as low as a 100-200 mg dose.
    If you DO feel dizzy-ish, off balance, and you are fearful of these supplements..you could try a simple ginger capsule. OR drink 8 oz of gingerale...with REAL ginger only. It does work amazingly for that but wont cure you of any depression or panic. Let me know what happens. Hugs
  4. Quest

    Quest Regular Member


    Just want to add an update..
    In my case, it seems like my serotonin pump (LOL) needs to be filled occasionally like a car needs fuel. I find that if I take the 5HTP for a few days, I dont have to take it again for 4 more. Then, like something running low on batteries..I get the familiar "ick" feeling. A sort of "cant be bothered feeling" a "not looking forward to the day" feeling. Then the worries start, the small obsessions and the panics.
    I stop and think "Good grief, NOTHING will get me out of this. I feel down, almost empty." Then I think..hmm I guess its time for HTP again. AND when I take it in my own mind Im thinking that it wont work, it cant work, Im too blah and jittery. Yet again, it does.
    Today, I went from not wanting to face the day...to pulling weeds and walking in the sunshine an hour after a 50mg capsule. Nope, I cant explain it. I just know that SOMETHING in that lil Natrol pill changes my mind for the better.
    Hugs to you all.
    My only drawback is that it might give me jitters after it wears off later. Lets hope not. And oh, if you take a 550mg Ginger capsule from GNC with the HTP, it not only enhances the HTP by increasing blood flow to the brain..it COMPLETETLY blocks any nausea you might get.:spin:
  5. surfmike

    surfmike New Member

    5-HTP ohhhh my

    My name is Michael. I'm a 35 year old mortgage banker that got fed up with corporate america about 2 years ago.

    I got so depressed. I have always been alittle bit on the funny side. Things got so dark. It was not in my nature. I went from the most social person to somebody that wanted to hide from the world.

    As we know, Seritonin can be decreased at any age. My level dropped huge esp during the winter.

    I'm one of those guys that would never trust medical advise, however I went to a doc. Keep in mind, I'm a easy going happy guy two years ago.

    The doc said I had add so put me on speed. It slowed me down, and made me stupid.

    After that experience with speed slowing me down I really thought ADD might be my problem.

    After six months of the Ridolin I started my own business that failed to extreme. I was not calm, and my mind felt worse.

    After sleeping in for months my friend told me I might be depressed. I already knew this, but it was obvious to others. I could not hide. I wanted to hear this. Time to research.

    I did my research and found 5-HTP. I have only been on it for 5 days, however I sleep great, wake up feeling great, and feel I can get on to my career that took a huge bend due to depression.

    I dont have a panic disorder, things just get dark with me.

    If I dont feel like i'm worth anything, job, ext i hide.

    The benefits to 5-HTP so far: I will post the end result in a month. 2 good to be true.

    1. Self Worth
    2. I sleep all night and dont wake up 3 or more times.
    3. I feel like my skills and self worth will pay off.
    4. I dont get dark feelings of wanting to sleep to ignore the world. I wish I did drugs, seems like the easy way out hee hee
    5. I want to clean my house again, and be involved in the world. I use to be a clean freak.
    6. Little things dont get me down.
    7. I can relax and watch a movie and not worry.

    Ok, let me post in a month. blah blah blah. I just cant believe this stuff works. Even for now.

    The downsides.

    1. I woke up and took 200 mg. way extreme. I got very sick for about 1 hour. Not bad. Kindof like going in circles on a bad ride at a theme park. I lowered my dose to 50 mg. a day. perfect! hint (make sure you eat.) my opinion is 1/2 hour after the dose.

    I feel great, and I hope it last. blah blah blah. here is my 10 cents! hope it helps. I think public opinion is the best advise ever. Any docter could tell you to take anything, and on with the next patient. For them it's all about a heard of people. not the docs fault, but the money man. ceo at the top of the hospital., for me it's all about my mind and feeling the way I use 2.
  6. Quest

    Quest Regular Member


    Michael, I am so glad that you are feeling better!

    One of the things that really stood out to me was when you said that you could enjoy a movie again. I NEVER am able to sit still enough to watch something..even if I really want to see it...yet with the HTP in my system I am able to again.

    Of course every other fantastic thing stands out as well, but your movie comment was one that Id recently discovered to stay true for myself too.

    As an update, yes..I am still on the 5HTP every other day to every two days. And if I were to take over 50mg, I too get more jittery. The 50mg mark is where I do my best. The sometime bouts of slight nausea have even stopped. But if they do come about, my trusty ginger erases them completely.

    I have no side effects other then an increase in smiling and laughing again, with an interest to do things. It scares me when I think about all the dark mornings I would awaken, not wanting to face another empty day. Since the HTP, it hasnt been that way at all. I take a multi as well with extra B, for me adding Tyrosine is a no no..as it makes me much too jittery. So far, still so good. I will dread the day that it might stop working, but my fingers are crossed that it shall keep me feeling like I should have years ago. Bless all..and ps I am studying naturopathy and no way would I recommend something for anxiety or depression honestly if I didnt try it myself.
  7. surfmike

    surfmike New Member

    It's morning time

    Wow, I woke up with a smile. First time in months. Is htp for reals. Unreal. My confidence is coming back, and have you noticed the deep sleep you get? No alarm, and up at 7 am. wow.
  8. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Me too

    My sleep is very peaceful now and sound. I used to wake up at around 1am with heart palps and panics a lot. Not anymore. I must add though that I do not take the HTP at night, just a dose at around 10 or 12 during the daytime works brilliantly for me. Its a very strange feeling when Ive had anxiety and depression for over 20 years, and FINALLY I find an answer. If the straight HTP stops for me, I will go to straight Tryptophan and then switch back after a month. But so far, no problems or any feelings of it not working.
    I must add that I went Christmas shopping today alone..ME! In lines, and smiling, and talking to strangers. It is not a manic happiness, its just a pleasureable relief. I wish everyone could find something that worked this well. I did want to reiterate that the SAM e was just as brilliant, BUT NOT for people with anxiety side issues. It builds up and does make one hyper and panicked if they already have panic disorder. As for SJW, it made me dizzy, which sets off my panic...so I could not handle it so well.
  9. Help

    Help New Member

    Hello im new here and i need help fast i have panic attacks for about 2 years i was on medication then i was ok and got off them now there back but i gain so much weight from the meds about 50 pounds i don't want to go back on them i just want to know is SJW good for panic attacks i feel so bad that i can not go outside with out having one can you please help Kelly or someone who is in the same state im in i feel like im going to die when i have them please get back let me know if it is ok to take SJW.

    Help Please[​IMG]
  10. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Sometimes something will help one person and not another. It depends on WHY you have panics. If your serotonin is low, like mine is, it causes anxiety AND a touch of depression. Sometimes though, serotonin isnt an issue. It could be blood sugar, thyroid, low magnesium... One has to know before they have any idea what might help. St Johns Wort can alleviate some anxiety and depression..but initially it can also aggrevate anxiety. Personally, I could not take it because of the anxiety issues and dizziness it gave me...but that isnt the case with everyone. Unfortunately, you have to try these things to see what works for you...and most of all you have to try and be patient. These alternatives are not like conventional prescriptions. If you have taken scripts before, do not expect quick prolonged relief like they can give you. There have been a lot of positive stories here on many different alternatives. I wish you the best
  11. netsync

    netsync New Member

    question for Quest: did you take the SAM-e and 5HTP at the same time?
  12. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Absolutely no.
    Thats because if I did, then I wouldn't be able to tell which, if either, were helping or hurting. If one would be doing well and I felt the need to supplement..then I would possibly try a combination.:smile:
  13. Quest

    Quest Regular Member


    Still taking the 5HTP. Usually keep the every other day regimen.
    The only way that I can describe it is like someone opened the shades over my eyes.
    My pdoc is now going to be recommending it to his patients before SSRI treatment if they so chose to try it.
  14. joanie d

    joanie d Regular Member

    5HTP Absolutely stunned

    Hiya Quest

    You take 50mg in the morning for a few days and then leave it off for a few days, yes?

    I used to take 100mg per day, just cut down to 50mg to see if there was a difference. Not sure there is, so I'm going to try the 100mg again for a few days to compare.

    Just interested in what works for you. I've not really experimented with dose til now and I'm thinking maybe I should.

    joanie x
  15. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    I started with 50mg around 10am every other morning...worked like a charm. Then after about a month..a week off...then back on. But now Im just taking 25mg every other morning and it helps just as much. In my case I need that build up of serotonin..its like my "pump" LOL is low. The 5HTP seems to give the courage to get out and do things that the panic normally would hold me back from. If I feel happy then Im likely to be brave and venture out...even when Im slightly scared and agoraphobic.
    Im actually working with my pdoc to get others in his practice to try the alternatives before he prescribes SSRIs etc. Sometimes a combo works even better for many.
  16. Chuzzle2006

    Chuzzle2006 Regular Member

    Hey guys.

    I think I like this 5-htp stuff too. I'm going to try out your regiment if it stops working. I've only been on it for a week now. I take one at night around 11:30 pm and then one around 11:30 am the next day.

    I have found that at night, I wake up a lot earlier than I normally would. When this happens, I don't feel like my groggy "can't wake up until I'm in the shower" old self. I feel totally alert..like I've been up for awhile. I'm kind of questioning why this is. Perhaps I'm getting a much better deep sleep than I normally would. It scares me a bit because I normally sleep a lot more. It's not a bad feeling though. Other than that everything is okay pretty much. I do sometimes a feeling like you're on speed..just slight. Hands are just a bit shaky..nothing major and I have a slight go go go feeling sometimes.

    Has anybody had these kind of reactions?

  17. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Hi there. I get that slight jitter only if my body doesnt need the HTP...which is why I cant take it everyday at a high dose. When the dose and timing is right it works perfectly! (For me anyways)
  18. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    Latest UPDATE

    Hi all..
    Still, the HTP is my best bet.
    25mg is about where Im my best at if I take it daily or every other day. After awhile I didnt need the full 50mg. And 100 would make me feel jumpy.
    Also adding flax oil has cut my need for more HTP.
    HTP is still my winner!
  19. webcat63

    webcat63 New Member

    asäödlfkä asäödlfa
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  20. Quest

    Quest Regular Member

    I split a Natural factors tablet in half. Ive tried other brands...but some give me a headache and some tend to make me a bit dizzy.
    This brand is my favorite (personally)

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