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5-HTP Adrenal Exhaustion, anyone else ?

Discussion in '5-HTP, CBD, CEBT Therapy, SAM-e, Rhodiola, books' started by Paulette, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member

    I've been stuck in a severe adrenal crisis for the past 4 years. And under guidance with a naturopathic dr. and a D.O.
    And even doing all the best of protocal, still having severe anxiety and depression.

    Even when I was still on Zoloft, ( for 10) years, I did feel it pooping out on me a few years prior to my adrenal decline, which
    also leads me to wonder, it this be th case, than me stress tolerance had also gotten worse.

    I've read more and more that taking SSRI's can lead to damaged neurotransmittors.

    I started on 5-HTP, about 25 mg. at first (sublingually) and felt a 40-50% improvment in mood and anxiety reduction, Than I interchanged, and
    tried orally. Did not get the same benefits. Did sometimes. Than as the following 2-3 months progressed, the 5-HTP did not seem to work most of the time. And, sometimes it worked, but not so well.

    I also can't help but think this may be in part to my adrenal crisis too, with degraded utilization and liver clearance, tolerance malfunction, as Dr. Lam mentions in his book I have, Adrenal Fatigue.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences? Or in a bad state of adrenal fatigue.
    Thank you. Paulette:(
  2. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member

    Hi again Paulette,

    If you are only taking 5 HTP without taking any l-tyrosine I strongly suspect you need to start taking that. 5 HTP brings up only part of the neurotransmitters, l-tyrosine brings up others. If you don't bring up all of them you get anxiety and other issues. Twinlab makes a good l-tyrosine. The capsules are easily opened, allowing a small part to be poured out. Everyone's system is different so I can't say when to take it or how much, all I can say is what I do. I open the 5 HTP and take about 10 mg every 2 hours during the day for a total of about 50 mg a day. I open the l-tyrosine and take small amounts 5-6 times a day, and night, such that I use about 250 mg in 24 hours. I never take 5 HTP at night, it causes weird dreams and morning anxiety. L-tyrosine at night is fine.

    If you have only been taking 5 HTP alone it probably helped some at first but over time, say a few weeks, I'm guessing you started getting anxiety, panic attacks and/or depression. That's because it's only part of the equation. Without bringing up the other transmitters, like epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and dopamine things will get out of balance. L-tyrosine brings up the other side of the equation and it won't conflict with 5 HTP. Some people misunderstand and think that you can't take them together because they compete but that's only true for l-trypotophan and l-tyrosine. The body uses l-tryptophan to make 5 HTP, by skipping that step and taking 5 HTP directly you avoid the spot where they would compete.

    I hope you find relief! :)
  3. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member

    Sorry, just now saw your reply.
    Can't Tyrosine also increase ephinephrine ( which is adrenaline, which causes anxiety ) I've read this somewhere and in the past was leary to taking it. Thanks.

  4. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member

    It gets a bit more complicated than that. A person will feel anxiety when epinephrine, and it's friends in the catecholamine category, are low just as they would if it is too high. It's all about balance. When a person takes 5 HTP alone eventually things get pushed too far out of balance. The serotonin levels go up and the catecholamines stay low. Eventually the gap gets to big and things like panic attacks and general anxiety become more likely.

    I am speaking from direct experience. I took 5 HTP only for about 6 weeks or so and then along came panic attacks and other issues. I eased in, and I mean EASED :), tyrosine and the panic attacks and anxiety got better. It takes trial and error for sure. I open the capsule and pour a small amount in my hand and then lick it off. I do this every few hours based on how I feel. In a typical 24 hour period I might take 250 mg of Tyrosine and 40 mg of 5 HTP.

    I'm sorry for the delay. I missed the notice about your reply and saw it just now. Please feel free to ask other questions. Hopefully I'll notice sooner! :)
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  5. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member


    Thank you. So this regime of titrating on Tyrosine throughout the day with 5-HTP 40mg. is working well for you now than. Wonder too, if you could just add that 250 mg. Tyrosine to water and sip on it thru the day too, may be easier. ?

    Interesting that the 5-HTP seem to work for some, with only this.

    ANother factor, than in part, that Tyrosine helps to raise "dopamine." So this is the balance?

    In Julia Ross book "Depression Free naturally" page 27, 5-HTP raises seratonin in the body, but little is admitted into the brain unless "carbidopa" is added. Apparantly people in Europe use 5-HTP along with the Carbidopa and it works better. So wonder about the Tyrosine connection via Carbidopa.?

    What do you think about this.

  6. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member

    I never tried mixing it in water so I can't comment on that. The capsules I use are easy to open, shut and reuse.

    Yes tyrosine raises dopamine as well and that is part of the balance.

    The carbidopa research you are reading about is rather dated. it is not necessary.
  7. Paulette

    Paulette Regular Member

    Thank you. So, how long again had you taken just the 5-HTP till you started having anxiety?

    And, did it only work intermittantly? And was your anxiety, a trembly feeling, tightening of muscles and migrane, queezy?
    Did it last a long time, I mean days and or not subside till you added the Tyrosine?
    I just ordered some tyrosine, but wont' be here till late next week. Would be best to just stop the tyrosine than for a while?

    Thanks, Pauline

    avoid tolerance? Have you read The Mood Cure? I haven't.
  8. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member


    In response to your first question, the answer is actually in the post you are quoting, about 6 weeks.

    It worked immediately and consistently, it was just a matter of dialing in the correct dosage and timing, something best reached through careful written logs.

    I had already researched it extensively and knew what was happening and what I needed to do when the 5 htp seemed to stop working. I appear to be an exception in how low a dosage I need of everything. You can search my previous posts and see where I mention the specific doses and brands I used.

    I can't comment on stopping until the tyrosine arrives as I don't know your full situation and I never recommend anyone do anything ever... just my policy. :)

    Regarding avoiding tolerance, that goes back to simply learning to balance it out appropriately.

    I noticed you had another post about L-tryptophan. 5 HTP is created by one's body from that. The end result will be the same, it helps to make serotonin and will lead to the same balance problems etc. It's harder to use as it will compete with other amino acids so more care has to be taken in regard to meal times or other medications. 5 htp is the next step over and doesn't have the competition problems so it is easier, it doesn't matter if one takes 5 htp with food or tyrosine. In fact there are manufacturers who make a capsule with both 5 htp and tyrosine in it. This would not work with tryptophan and tyrosine.

    To use an analogy.. when one wants to learn how to swim many books can be read and many books will offer up many different techniques. Some will contradict others, some are nuts, some that were once accepted are now out of date and erroneous etc. At some point it's best for one to put down the books and climb into the water and start trying it all out to see what works best for them. The more time and care one puts into trying out what they've learned the more they will get from it.

    Of course I must end this post with a signature I use often.... I never recommend anyone do anything, ever, for any reason. :spin:
  9. Madelene74

    Madelene74 New User on Probation

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