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40 years old and I'm finally addressin' the depression

Hi! I just turned 40. I'm a man. I've had varying amounts of depression my whole life from mild to clinical and everything in between. Depression is very common in my family.

Doctors have been wanting to prescribe me with medication since I was 11 years old, but I've only somehow managed to avoid taking anything, except for I tried Zoloft for about 6 weeks back in 2013 (4 years ago).

For the 6 weeks I took Zoloft it seemed to be helping, but the girl I was dating broke up with me, so I moved away from her. She lived in Virginia. I moved to California and quit taking the Zoloft because I think I was mostly taking the Zoloft to save my relationship with her. Besides, I figured the San Diego sunshine would help my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The sunshine has helped, but it's still not quite enough. :oops:

I used SJW for about 6 weeks a few months back (through a lonely Christmas and New Years). It seemed to be helping me with my sleep. I started to feel better so I stopped taking the SJW. That was dumb because I've recently come to a wall in my life and I'm admitting to myself that I need some help this time. Doctors are once again are advising I take some pharmaceuticals, but I want to give St. John's Wort a try first, thanks to this site and some other reviews I've read elsewhere :) I don't know? It's just something I feel better about?

I've been taking the Gaia brand SJW http://a.co/5ilaPQG (anyone know if this particular brand is any good?) for about 3 days now and I'm already feeling some positive effects. My sleep came back last night! I'm a bit more calm. I have an overall nice feeling, except I'm feeling a bit spaced out, but I wonder if that is an adjustment period thing?

I am a professional musician and I have used my music to help stave off my depression for a long time now. However, I know I'm in a place right now where I know I could use some help. I don't drink a whole lot and I don't use drugs (even marijuana because it makes me feel really weird). I exercise a lot. I get to bed at a decent hour. I've been using Xanax lately to get back to sleep and it makes me feel unmotivated a lot of the times and I think I may be becoming dependent on it, and who wants that?

My main reasons for taking St John's Wort:
1 Depression: I want to get back to being productive during this emotional period of my life. Right now I'm barely functioning. I have very little motivation to do much, though I still exercise and eat well, etc.. I just do enough to get by and that's all. I want to thrive, not just survive :)
2 Sleep: I fall asleep fine, but I wake up about 3-4 hours later completely exhausted and depressed and feeling like crap. :(

I will give SJW 8 weeks and if it does not pull me out of this funk I am going to turn to pharmaceuticals. I plan on keeping good records of my progress and I will report back sometime.

Thank You Kelly for this wonderful site!!!! :):D

I've been reading through the forums the past few days and it looks like a lot of them have gone pretty inactive or dead? Is there anybody out there still? Any experiences to share with me? Any advice?


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Hi and welcome! The site isn't very busy anymore, I guess I mis-managed it for a while so people left and then I even shut it down for a month or so, only to revive it later... and I still visit every week or two. While it's not as busy as it once was I hope that it's still a valuable place to share thoughts and ideas.

There is nothing wrong with needing a little help. Going the natural route is the best first option in my opinion, just don't stop taking it after six weeks again! :) Take it for six months or a year, let things get back on track and then slowly go off it again. It's nice to be able to buy it anonymously, over-the-counter, and if it doesn't work you can always try the prescription meds if you need to. Giving yourself 8 weeks should be plenty of time to know if it's working. Any bit of weirdness you feel in the first couple of weeks like being a little "spaced out" is probably normal and just your body and mind adjusting to things. If you have any major issues (like an allergic reaction) you'll know it and can decide to stop taking it early if needed.

I'm not familiar with the Gaia brand, provided it indicates a standardized amount of hypericin on the bottle it should be fine. It seems like many brands have stepped up their game and all sorts of different ones seem to work for people nowadays. It wasn't always like that.

It seems like sometimes sleep problems and depression go hand-in-hand. Maybe SJW will help with both of those issues. Fingers crossed for you, for the next few weeks at the very least!!!