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4 months in, comments on wellbutrin and prozac

Backstory: 56 year old male. I'd been on SJW in the late 90's and found that it worked sometimes. I went to prescription drugs and was on Prozac and Wellbutrin for 4 years with good results, but bad sex side effects (it neutered me or maybe not, see below). Then I had to stop ~2005 for loss of insurance. I refused to lose yet another year of my life to depression, so I tried SJW again June 2011, while awaiting a doctor appointment a month away. Yeah, they are that busy.

I used Perika and Kira this time, being wizened to the necessity of hyperforin. I got disgusted that US manufacturers tend to treat SJW as another herbal placebo for the gullible and not taking steps to preserve it in their formulations. Really good results within a week! Settled on Perika, it worked fine and Vitacost.com had it the cheapest.

Doctor again at last in July 2011. She re-prescribed Prozac and Wellbutrin, though was happy and not surprised SJW was working. She advised adding Wellbutrin because SSRI's alone will stop working after a time, regardless of type. The Prozac script was my request, being uncertain of long-term use of SJW.

October 2011 now, Perika + Wellbutrin (bupropion) works just fine. Best summer in a decade. Prozac sits unopened in the cupboard.

I know SJW is necessary because 2 days after skipping it, (continuing Wellbutrin alone) I am gray and unsmiling. Skipping Wellbutrin alone for a week (awaiting a payday) seemed to have little effect, though I trust the doctor's caution about SSRI burnout and continue it. (I have crappy insurance now, but it provides for reasonable co-pays with meds.)

As far as sexual side effects: my testosterone level is very low (also was years ago in Prozac times). Doc prescribed it, explaining it has big effect on depression and energy. Insurance won't touch it, the bastards. (Very expensive, though no reason why: pure compound is cheap (I'm a chemist and have access to chemical companies). Illegal for me personally to buy and use, though.

SJW side-effect: being out in the sun dazzles my eyes. Sunglasses now mandatory. That was it.

Bottom line: SJW stopped the gray wastage of my life. If you're on the fence, use that last drop of energy and try one bottle of a hyperforin-containing brand. Don't bother with the local "discount" stores, they only carry their own and other high markup brands that are probably placebo only. Best of all, see a doctor. Find somebody who will make sure you do something, at least.