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22 days on SJW..........feel horrible!

It is 22 days now on SJW. I am taking 1 1/2 (675mg) at night. I had one day I thought the anxiety was a little better. But since it has been so..so intense. Blood pressure is through the roof.....I almost don't want to check it anymore Its been ranging 150's-160's over 90's-100's. Just feel tight all day. Everything I have tried for the anxiety only seems to make it worse. I feel like I am hanging on by a thread...........can't focus.....can't make decisions....burst into crying. Feels like everthing is coming down around me. I don't know it its the SJW. It is too much....too little....if its not going to work. I have many life decisions to make right now and I don't know where to start. Everything is overwhelming to me even the smallest things. My head feels like its going to EXPLODE!!!!
Just needed somewhere to VENT!!!
Hi Labuddah,

Sorry to hear this is happening. If it does become too much, please see a doctor. But until that point, I can offer a few more emergency suggestions, it is up to you if you want to try them:

First, Get off ALL potential Anxiety causers, these are:

1. NO B-Complex, ESPECIALLY Folate and B12. You mentioned that your SJW contains both. If possible find a source WITHOUT Folate and B12, this has to do with Histamine levels. It CAN cause Anxiety.

2. Fish Oil. It may not be the right time, come back to it later. Fish oil may be causing the Anxiety REGARDLESS of the Vitamin E. Some people have Intense Anxiety on it.

3. Calcium, if you are taking this and you are low in Magnesium, it can aggravate the Calcium/Magnesium balance and increase Anxiety.

4. Vitamin C, helps convert Dopamine into NorEpinephrine, sometimes this can be too much at the beginning of healing.

5. Vitamin D, Again with Conversion. Can sometimes cause Anxiety.

6. Kava Kava, some people become calm, others have a paradoxical effect of Anxiety.

That should be the most common ones. And EACH ONE can cause strong anxiety, depending on the person.

Now, on the other hand.

Thing's that calm:

1. Low-Dose Taurine, 500mg or less for short periods (1-2 weeks, then see if you still need it). It can really help, and also lowers Blood Pressure.

2. GABA, in the form, PharmaGABA (Natural Factors is one source), again, low-dose to start 100-200mg. Regular GABA poorly crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier, PharmaGABA does a much better job (from what I've experienced and seen. This will be debated).

3. Magnesium - 450mg per day.

4. Vitamin B3 ALONE in the form (VERY important) Niacinamide - 500mg. Seriously, it works well. It will leave you with a bit of a drugged calm feeling, though not too bad.

5. Lastly, Low-Dose Tryptophan (250mg) during the day.

Again this is your choice, but if it were me I would get off all the potential causes FIRST. Then think about the other supplements.

Even though it can be frustrating. Know through this board that people get better, we just have to find our balance.
Take Care,
Hi Raging_Hangover,
Thank you for your response....it means so much. :smile:Unfortunately at this time I don't have a lot to offer to others as far as experience yet with SJW since it is just in the early stages of trying it. What I hope I can offer is by telling my experience and the highs and lows with it, someone may benefit from it who is also trying it for the first time.
You have a lot of insightful and in depth knowledge which to someone like myself being new to SJW, so .....so very much appreciates you taking the time to share.
I have decided I am going to take some days off to reflect and try to re-focus. I have many decisions to make in both my personal and professional life.
Thank you again,
Wow, sounds like you are going through a really rough time. Keep your head up, you'll pull through it. Maybe seeing a doctor is not such a bad idea if you feel this rough. I've felt like that before, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
Hi Labuddah,

Sounds like a great idea, everyone who has depression should take a look at emotional factors that may play a part. Supplements are always only a piece of the puzzle. Let us know how your doing when you can.
Take care,

Okay, so I started my SJW last night, but by mid morning....I was down low bad, almost panicky and shakey. I don't want to give up too soon, but I am wondering if this "natural" thing is best for me. I read someone's post on here about supplements, I did do a multi vit this AM, a fish oil and a b complex with an additional b 6. Could that have done this? Thanks for any and all help and input. Theresa
By accident I found out that some of my suppliments were causing anxiety problems. I ran out of Cod Liver Oil and 2 days later felt way better. I had quit taking the SJW because I could not find a brand that agreed with me. I now think I could take the SJW since it was the Cod Liver Oil that caused my problems to begin with.
For now I am just taking the basic vitamins...
Multi....Calcium-Mag-Zink Tab....Garlic..Vit E ( 100 IU )
I have been feeling much better and knock on wood...no anxiety since I quit the Cod Liver Oil..
Ohhh...I have also quit smoking 18 days ago...after the first 14 days my stress level actually went down. So I am going to hold off on taking the SJW again for awhile to see how it goes.
Glad you posted that Kiowa.

Everyone should be cautious of Fish/Omega-3 Oil when treating depression. While it can be VERY useful for some, it DOES cause Anxiety in others, sometimes taking it with Vitamin E helps this.

If Anxiety suddenly becomes a problem, it is best to lay off (the most common) B-Complex, Fish Oil and Calcium, then slowly introduce one at a time to see if one of those is causing it.

Fish oil is great stuff, just not in every case. Also, some people find that after they finish the SJW (however long their course on it is), they can take fish oil after, obviously indicating that the SJW/Fish Oil Combo may be a little too much. Some find Fish Oil alone causes Anxiety.

To anyone reading this, Don't feel down if Fish Oil isn't for you (right now or later), there are always many other, very useful options.



New Member
This is just an update...
After I found out that the Cod liver oil was causing me problems I quit taking it all together. I wanted to wait until it was out of my system before trying the fish oil capsules. I waited for about 30 days after quiting the Cod liver oil and 2 days ago I tried a fish capsule, 1000 mg. After about 2 1/2 hours the ringing in my ears got louder,... ( I have had ringing in the ears from an accident for a long time now ).. then I started getting anxious feelings, but they were not real bad. Maybe the build up from the Cod Liver Oil is not completely out of my system yet...or I just can not take the fish oil.. I'm not sure..I do know that I took the Cod Liver Oil for a long time before it caused me any problems.
I have also quit taking most of the Vitamins I have been taking. I am now only taking a Multi-Vitamin, and a Cal..Mag..Zinc tab. I am going to have to do some more research about the CoQ10, kelp, and the other Vitamins.

I know that everyone is different, but does anyone know what Vitamins you really do need to take everyday no matter who you are? I am in my 50's so I don't need the same Vitamins that a younger woman would need.

I would lay off the Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, or Omega 3 oil from ANY Fish source for now. You may have a sensitivity, or your body might not be able to meet the supply of whatever nutrients the fish oil demands.

All things we put in our bodies have a give and take. Some take more than give at certain times. While Fish Oil can be a great supplement, that doesn't mean it has to be used now, it may be best after you find a way out of your depression. May I ask what you are trying to take it for?

Have you tried SJW again WITHOUT the Fish Oil?

Currently, what are your main concerns and/or symptoms? (Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? Low Motivation?....etc.....) I'm not fully clear on your situation, if you don't mind telling...

In terms of Vitamins/Minerals...
Some great supplements would be Magnesium 300mg/Daily (preferably in Citrate or glycinate forms, not Oxide), Low Zinc 15mg/Every second day. Some take Potassium to balance out all the Sodium (salt) we intake daily. Naturally there are MANY more, depending on your situation....(this is why keeping a list of what, and how you react, can be helpful).

We hear all about Calcium, but look at how many sources are in average Canadian/American/British diet has. Loads.
Now take a look online at the top sources of Magnesium, and find out how much you eat? This is important seeing as how Magnesium is almost always low in people with Depression.

If I could pick One Mineral (even in good health) I feel is most important (yes of course we need more then just one), I would pick Magnesium.

Now with Sodium (Salt), we generally eats loads of it. But Potassium, not nearly as much (even though Potassium is easier to find in normal diet.). It is the addition of salt into foods that cause the imbalance.

Otherwise, I would be careful if you have Depression and/or Anxiety. The reason why is simple, depending on your type of depression is, minor vitamin/mineral/Supplements can seriously mess with you.

In people with Depression or Anxiety, I am NOT a fan of the following Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements:

- Multi-Vitamins (Many contain B-Complex, Calcium, and other potential problem starters....more detail below.)
- B-Complex (All B-Vitamins are useful, each body is different. Some people have much more of certain B-Vitamins, others have low levels....etc...Some B-Vitamins sedate, but MOST excite. Now No pill is made for an individual, so how can you know you are getting the right amount? If you have the time and interest, read about Histamine and Depression. If you have this genetic histamine problem, or a food intolerance causing excess histamine then Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid could REALLY be causing problems.)
- Calcium can also be a huge problem for some with depression and anxiety. (This has to do with nerves. I could go into detail about it, but I'm starting to get sleepy for tonight...sorry......if you are still interested I will continue next post...)

To sum this up:

- Individual Vitamins may be more annoying to take, but allow you to see what works for YOU.
- Introduce Vitamins 1 at a time! Monitor how you feel with just that ONE addition for at least a few days.
- Finally, never underestimate how damn potent a simple Vitamin or Mineral can be (especially during Depression). Just cause it isn't a 'drug' does not mean it that it has a strong (positive or negative) effect on you.

Obviously, this is your choice, though it may make it easier.

I hope this all makes sense, started typing and was hit with the sleep, apologies for that...in any case, if you could fill me in a bit more about your situation, perhaps I (and others) can help.

Take Care,

(If you're interested. I wrote a little about supplements that can be good, or cause issues a few posts back in this thread, I was more awake then.)
Hi RH,
First off, Thank you for your information....
I will try to answer your questions...I don't know if it will make any sense to you because I have not got it figured out for myself yet..

All things we put in our bodies have a give and take. Some take more than give at certain times. While Fish Oil can be a great supplement, that doesn't mean it has to be used now, it may be best after you find a way out of your depression. May I ask what you are trying to take it for?
I am just trying to take the fish oil because it is suppose to be so good for you and have a lot of healthy benefits. Most Doctors are recomending it now.

Have you tried SJW again WITHOUT the Fish Oil?
No I have not tried the SJW again yet. But since I quit taking the Cod Liver Oil I have not had any more severe anxiety attacks.
I took the Cod Liver Oil for about 3 years and did not have any problems with it. I don't quite understand why I started having the anxiety attacks again unless it was because I was under a lot of stress, pressure, and not eating right because of traveling so much at the time, then getting really sick with the flu that went into sinus and ear infection.

Currently, what are your main concerns and/or symptoms? (Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? Low Motivation?....etc.....) I'm not fully clear on your situation, if you don't mind telling...
Currently my symptoms are I believe to be mild Depression and Anxiety. Since I quit smoking (35 days now) I have been having trouble sleeping at night. My biggest problem I think is worrying all the time about different things...exc.... health, blood pressure, bills, stressful situations. I am beginning to deal with the stress better now than I was 3 weeks ago though.
Everyone is going to have stress in their lives and have to deal with it, or learn to deal with it. But if you have an imbalance from Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements ..........

That is where my interest about the Vitamins comes into focus. I have been taking a lot of Vitamins because they are suppose to be so good for you. Multi because it keeps all your other vitamins that you take besides it in balance. Caltrate for healthy bones. Vit C & E for overall good health. Kelp to get back the important minerals that are missing in our food now days. CoQ10 for your heart and other good things it does for your body in general and suppose to lower blood pressure. Fish Oil because of all the good benefits for your heart and health.
Magnesium ...I agree that Mag is good for you but I also noticed that when I take extra Mag now that I get heart palpations. I'm not sure if it is the Magnesium causing it though, or from just taking too many Vitamins, or the fish oil that I was taking.
I have quit taking most of the Vitamins for now. I want to take just what needs to be taken for overall good health. It is hard to do actually. The Centrum Silver and Caltrate has a lot of Vitamin D in them together and not enough Magnesium as far as I can tell. But when I take extra Mag it seems to cause my heart to skip beats at times, but it is too soon to tell if it is the Mag.
I am going to try to take only the Centrum Silver and Caltrate for now and see how I get along in the next few weeks or so.
I want to hold off on the SJW for now until I can figure out what I really need to do. I just want to feel better and be able to enjoy life in general.
Yes...I am all messed up but I am trying to deal with it and figure out what I need to do. When I got so sick with that flu is when my problems with anxiety started again, especially when the Doctors were pushing BP medicine at me instead of trying to help me get over the sinus infection and all the pressure it was causing to build up in my head and ears. That was also when I started taking loads of vitamins to insure that I would get back healthy and try to stay as healthy as possible.
I tried different brands of SJW and could not seem to get along with any of them,it may have been because of the fish oil and possibly all the new vitamins I was trying to take.
Now my main concern is to find out what is the most important Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements to take for overall good health and try to get on just the ones that the body needs. See how it works out, or if it works, and then to determine if I truly need to take the SJW.
I found your older post about Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements and I have copied it.
But from what I understand from other sources everyone needs the Multi-Vatamins and Calcium. It is just so confusing at the present time. Maybe when I am thinking more clearly I can get it all figured out.
Thank you for your help....it is appreciated and hopefully it will help other peolpe also.
I have spent most of the day looking up information about magnesium.
The informaion that R H has provided is very correct. I copied some information that R H has provided for people and have been looking it up through books and the internet. R H is a very Knowledgeable person and gives very good information on this board. It is nice to know that there are people that do try to help by sharing their knowledge.
By reading information from R H and other members I am starting to learn more.