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2 Months: Results, and a look back.

I started taking Saint John's Wort 3 times daily just over 2 months ago. At this time interacting with people was almost painful because I had such terrible social anxiety. On top of that, I now know that I suffered from a "dysthemic" disorder ("chronic mild depresssion"), so I never hit rock bottom as far as depression, but I was definitely consistently depressed all the way from high-school to just recently, and I'm a sophomore in college now. SJW exceeded my expectations and pretty much gave me a reason to live, I'll explain.

When I started SJW I was pretty desperate for something that might work. I was actually about to go see a doctor and see if I could get a prescription for some Xanax or preferably some anti-depressants. I didn't see taking either of these as "giving up", I saw it as trying to salvage something enjoyable from my life because by this point, although not suicidal, I really didn't want to live anymore. Typing that now is extremely difficult, and very troubling, but at the time it was just an everyday realization, which is perhaps proof of how far I've come in just 2 months.

It's hard to explain to people who don't really understand depression, because most people just think it's a sadness in general, but they fail to realize that sadness is the result, not the cause of a "dysthemic" type of depression. I can describe the worst part of my depression in one sentence: I had lost the ability to physically or mentally enjoy anything. This is commonly believed to be caused by a chemical imbalance that prevents the normal reward centers in the brain from operating correctly, but also disrupts general mood, sleep habits, and physical health. For me all these assumptions seemed to describe my situation perfectly. The toll this took on me pretty much destroyed my personality, and essentially caused me to withdraw from society.

Luckily the results of taking Saint John's Wort have basically "cured" me. I say cure because all the symptoms I described have been either eradicated, or significantly reduced. I no longer have terrible anxiety, I can sleep all through the night, and most importantly, I can enjoy things again. Just listening to music, talking to friends, eating, playing guitar or watching a movie all seem amazing to me. Before they had just become meaningless processes I would avoid because I couldn't enjoy them. I look back at all the things I've done in the last 2 months and I am happy with my progress. I used to stay to myself for weeks at a time, but now I seek out things to do and people to meet. I've done better in school, made decent money from working more often, and I'm even dating someone now. I can function at a normal level now, and I'm enjoying the way my personality is developing. The surprising thing is that it all just comes naturally now, things just seem to fall into place and I don't question it. Hopefully those who suffer from depression will be encouraged by this post to try Saint John's Wort.
Glad to hear your story

This is very encouraging and I am sure a lot of us understand what you were feeling.

It's interesting it took you 2 months to get there.

Best of luck for the future.
Segue-Pilot 2286 ,

I can relate to all of that.It seems SJW is particularly successful with people with social anxiety.Your experience is almost a mirror image of my own.

Good to hear of another success story.

May all of us continue to progress.



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Congrats Segue-Pilot! I'm so happy for you that you have broken out of dysthymia (isn't it amazing how people seem to be becoming more and more aware of this particular type of depression?).

Your story kind of reminds me of "Awakenings", which is how my first breakthrough felt. It sounds like you are doing things right. I hope this is effective a "cure" for you. Congrats also on dating again and all the other positive changes that seem to be occurring.
how much you taking now

Are you taking any SJW now? I think I have a mild form of dythymic disorder since i can pretty much function ok but just feel a little down and anxious. I don't want to be on SJW for a long time so I was wondering if you were able to stop after the two months. Thanks,


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for your encouraging post I have just on 1 month no great improvment so far been on it I will keep going if I read good posts like yours ,thanks .
hello Im glad that SJW is working for you, It gives me hope it will work for me (started 3 days ago at 2 per day)

I too want a chance to live my life, and it seems that SJW has given you a chance.

please keep us updated to your progress
great post!

Thanks for this thoughtful and very useful post. I also have been taking SJW for social anxiety and dysthymia, and it's been surprisingly effective after the first 6-8 weeks. I did nearly give up on it before it started working for me. For the first 6 months or so I took two capsules of New Chapter's Serofin nightly, but backed off to just one a few months ago because I thought that the SJW was causing a bit of mental fogginess. This level has continued to work well for me. I recently stopped taking SJW because I had been prescribed omeprazole for some stomach issues, and taking these together has been found to diminish the effect of omeprazole. Unfortunately, within four days or so my anxiety was returning with force. Starting the SJW again (trying to time it to minimize side-effects with the omeprazole) brought my anxiety back down to a manageable level. I'm not opposed to the idea that there may be some placebo effect in play, but for whatever reason SJW has been very helpful for me.

I'm not a new person, but I am certain that SJW has given me the psychic space to better explore and express my own personality in a positive way. Combining SJW with a self-conscious effort to behave in a way that is more authentic has led to continual improvement in my professional and personal life.
Hi SeguePilot 2286,

I am new to the crowd. Your post just prescribed what I felt 6-7 perhaps even 8 years ago! (constantly asking my GP to get some counselling - never got there, waiting list etc.) (I guess as long as you're dressed nicely talk sense they just dismiss you as ...well, I don't know what on earth they think ...that you might just be able to pull through for another couple of years...then collapse? Why wait, and put us off, for goodness sake??? Because the longer we've been put off by the professionls, family/friends still will believe the same!
Good on you for searching an answer, you are in time + you can excess all the information, we older guys (in their late 30's) had not have access to :)!
First post

I have been depressed for several years..and was prescribed Ambien for sleeping disorder and took that for 5 years..I suffered withdrawal symptoms and severe anxiety for a long time while taking ambien and got off it with much difficulty during the last 18 months..thank God...of course the depression did not go away..I searched for something that would work and not have side effects or WDS..and stumbled onto Kelly's site...I was glad to be able to find someone who had actually taken SJW for a length of time and could speak from experience...I started taking SJW only 5 days ago but from day one..I felt better and have not had any uncomfortable side effects.and am praying that it will continue because it is actually working for me..however the only thing that bothers me is the "getting accustomed" and then it may not work, or how I will feel if I stop...in the mean time I actually feel very good and am happy to have found this page..Kelly, please tell me how it was for you when you stopped after taking this for 8 years...I have read your story at least 5 times but did not find the answer there...I would like to thank you for writing your experiences amd actually giving me the courage to start with SJW..because usually when I see any side effects
First post

Oh Boy..I wrote and it dissappeared...here goes again..I started SJW 5 days ago and it is working well for me...I suffer from dpression and cannot tell you how this has lifted my feeling of well being. I recently got off Ambien..the nastiest little falsely advertised pill available..with extremely bad withdrawal symptoms..but happy to say I won the battle..thank you for sharing your SJW experience with us without your page I would not have had to courage to try it..because of conflicting stories about side effects...did you have any WDS when you stopped.. after having taken it for 8 years?