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15 years on Wellbutrin, off for 4.5 years with the help of SJW

Hello. I’m out searching for herbs that will increase libido and have just ordered some Mucana pruriens which brought me here. I wanted to ensure the Mucana wouldn’t interact with the SJW.
Background: started taking Wellbutrin when I was 40 as an adjunct with the nicotine patch to quit smoking...and it worked. But I got hooked on the Wellbutrin (minimized PMS, decreases appetite) and of course my physician thought it fine to stay on it. Problem is I kept having to increase the dosage and then find after menopause that it was contributing to insomnia. So I weaned off of it in October 2013. It was unleash the to say the least. I lived with a hovering sadness that was livable but was also suffering from nocturnal anxiety that was making me reliant on Ambien. After researching for hours and days on end, and after trying multiple herbs and several different brands of SJW I got results with Perika. It did take at least 2 months for me to see a difference. I also started taking Vit D3 drops daily, a good Vit B complex and eliminated most processed foods trying to eat organic non-gmo a size much as possible, I also went on BHRT which helped make me feel ‘normal’ and allowed me to get off the Ambien (been 2 years). However I’m convinced it was the SJW that made the most impact on my depression. Now I need to boost my libido. I’m 59 and refuse to let go of one of my favorite pastimes with my husband of 33 years because of a lack of interest. So, TMI? Sorry.
Hi Cathy, I understand totally have you looked at a site Monopause Matters, very informative helpful forum and many threads on yourvsame problem.
Hi Cathy,

If you haven't already, look into the peruvian root called "Maca". It is tremendously useful in boosting libido and in balancing the entire endocrine system. It is wonderful in supporting symptoms related to menopause. Maca has been used successfully by a lot of folks to combat low libido issues, hopefully this helps!


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+1 for Maca, it's been used for centuries for boosting libido. It can be a bit expensive but it's worth trying. Ginseng can be helpful for libido too, also expensive in capsules but your local Chinese herbal store may carry it in an inexpensive, liquid vial form of ginseng, which can be better value. Also cannabis works for some people's libido (but it obviously has other effects too).