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    Withdrawal symptoms?

    Perika is available via Amazon. Doesn’t Amazon ship just about everywhere?
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    Current brand recommendations? - Feb 2016

    I hope this site isn’t abandoned! I just got here! And at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist (I’m truly not) I do think the pharmaceutical industry has something to do with the discontinuation of some herbs. They (big pharma) also don’t take kindly to BHRT. I’m trying to grow some...
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    15 years on Wellbutrin, off for 4.5 years with the help of SJW

    Hello. I’m out searching for herbs that will increase libido and have just ordered some Mucana pruriens which brought me here. I wanted to ensure the Mucana wouldn’t interact with the SJW. Background: started taking Wellbutrin when I was 40 as an adjunct with the nicotine patch to quit...