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    Glad to hear it. I hope is had continued to help.
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    Taking SJW since 2008, one person's experience

    Hi, this is Spunt, the original thread starter (I lost my account password/email and had to make a new one). I Wanted to bring an update to my original post. :) These last few winters have been getting more challenging as my symptoms are very seasonally affected. It seems that whatever...
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    5 HTP - brand preference/Biotics Research Issue

    To answer my own question, in case it helps others, I have switched to Country LIfe 5 HTP.
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    how long can you take 5htp?

    Hi, I can't comment on what another person should do, however I can say that experience has taught me that the main problem people face is that around 6 weeks their neurotransmitters get off balance and they need l-tyrosine to bring things back into balance. This requires some trial and error...
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    Current brand recommendations? - Feb 2016

    Hi all, For those in the USA and other places where it's hard to get Kira or Jarsin, I have found https://www.paulsmarteurope.com/ quite helpful, they carry both.
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    I'm going to shut down this site... :(

    Thank you so much for continuing to keep this site up Kelly! It saved me years ago and I still come back from time to time to research for myself or others.
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    Please help severe mood swings and low tolerence of people on RR & 5HTP??

    Hi, I'm not familiar with Magnolia but I can mention some things that I have heard of helping others. First, you may need to experiment more with the ratio and timing of the l-tyrosine and 5 HTP, it may simply be that you need more l-tyrosine or to take it more or less frequently etc. Also...
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    L-Tryptophan and St. John's Wort?

    Hi, I'm glad it sounds like things might be getting better for you. If the L-Tyrosine is creating anxiety some people find it helpful to open the capsule and take smaller amounts, such as just 25% of the capsule at a time. Also, you may not need tyrosine until you've been taking the 5 htp...
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    This message is a reply to SPUNT, but also is my personal SJW update, etc...

    Spunt here, lost my account info and signed up under a new name. I'm so sorry I missed this until now! Let me know if you're still reading here and would like answers about the Eclectic SJW etc and I'll write up a full report. ^^ I had the same trouble switching to Tryptophan, at first it...
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    Please help severe mood swings and low tolerence of people on RR & 5HTP??

    Coming off St. Johns Wort or prescriptions like Lexapro can cause various problems. If taking 5 HTP almost everyone also needs to take L-Tyrosine or anxiety will get really bad. Generally the ratio is for every 50mg of 5 htp, one needs roughly 500 mg of tyrosine. This can vary substantially...
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    L-Tryptophan and St. John's Wort?

    Hi, So this reply is rather late in coming, but I thought I'd give it a go just in case. I know of people who have had good results with L-Tryptophan and St John's Wort, although many need to also supplement L-Tyrosine as well to balance the L-Tryptophan. This is true for 5 HTP as well, need...
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    5 HTP - brand preference/Biotics Research Issue

    Hi everyone, long time no see! ^^ (Forgot my old login credentials and my email has changed since then) I've been using Biotics Research 5 HTP for years but they seem to have changed something and now it turns me into a basket case in a single dose. As such, would others please share with me...