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    Please help severe mood swings and low tolerence of people on RR & 5HTP??

    Hello, Can anyone please give me some advice? I am currently taking Rhodiola Rosea during the day and 5-htp before bedtime. I am full of energy and I have not taken a lexapro pill in over 2 weeks however I have noticed that I am very snappy. People are really starting to get on my nerves like...
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    Hello coming off lexapro looking for advice?

    Hi Everyone, I am 9 days since taking my last lexapro pill :) I was on lexapro from age 19 until now age 32!! I was on and off them at the start and then have been on them longterm since age 24 going from 20mg to 10mg and trying to come off them during that time but failing everytime :( I began...