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St John's Caused Rage

Hi, I am new to this forum, and I have taken St Johns Before (years ago) And I was taking it at night before bed(900mg) and taking a centrum vitamin(at same time) for about 1 1/2 weeks It was working great at first(though I was dizzy alot and kinda slow to articulate, and process thought at times) Then I noticed i was becoming irritable and was fighting with people alot and I actually got so mad later on that i repeatedly hit my couch(smart enough not to break my hand or valuables :) ) I was more pissed than i have been in over a year! I have had psychological problems in the past , and drug use (weed, alcool, opiates, Dextromethorphan, Meth, Coke, shrooms) Though that was 2 years ago. I was hospitalized twice in an 8 month period in late 2003 for psychosis and delusions brought on by Recreational Dextromethorphan, and Ephreda(sudafed) use in conjunction with weed and alcohol, and benzos, and pain killers, THE WORKS!! I was VERY suicidal so.. But I am kind of getting irrated because I will take a drug to help when I am depressed or manic(bipolor i would say i have) and it will work for a period of 2 wekks or less then i have to stop taking it and i start feeling fine again after i'm off of it. then a few weeks, or less later i am back to depressed and manic all over again!! I have tried literally EVERYTHING heres a b rief list: 5-HTP, SJW, Paxil(never again, tremors!) Prozac(sexual side effects, and homicidal ideations!) Wellbutrin(sexual, and hallucinations, delusions, rage) Lexapro(worked somewhat when i took it might still but my insurance doesnt cover) Abilify(increased psychosis, suicidal plotting) Zyprexa(worst ever!) Seroquel(works a little when i am literally holding a knife to my throat, but doesnt really help otherwise, cuz it makes you idle as hell!!) Taken others too pretty much all the major anti-psycotics, and anti-depressants I have at one time or another taken! I am not really suicidal anymore so thats not the issue I just have mood swings, and go from mania to depression easily and it really effects my life, so if anyone has any advice or any links or anything please help me I'm begging you!!
About sjw:
I can recommend you take sjw divided doses like 300*3 . 900mg at one time can irritate ( It made me so). And know which brand is good for you and use it. Because each brand has really differant effects.
And one more thing I learn here higher doses don't mean higher effects. Less can be much effective.
My english and my knowledge allows me to say only these:) Good luck.


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Hello Jeromiep,

Sorry to hear about your struggle.

If you are manic depressive (bi-polar) then SJW is not recommended as a solution. Although it will help with your depressive states, it will actually agitate your manic episodes and make them worse. But you know this already based on your past experience.

Maybe someone here has information that would help, but I have not read of a herbal remedy for your situation.

I have a friend that is bi-polar. He finally found a doctor he likes who is working with him to get the right medication. He is also fortunate to have found counseling that is helping as well. He is making progress.

Based on his experience, I want to urge you to do the same. Hope you find the healing you are seeking!


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Hi Jeromeip,

I have to agree with shy1, St. John's Wort isn't really recommended by itself if you have bipolar (manic depression), because it can make the manic states worse than before. It helps when you have depression but if that's only one side of the equation then you have to be real careful. It's the same thing with the prescription antidepressants known as SSRIs (Paxil, Prozac, etc.) and probably includes Wellbutrin as well, which isn't actually an SSRI.

Hang in there, because there's always a solution... likely some kind of combination treatment, a good doctor and maybe some counseling can really help.

If you want to search through the old forum that are a number of posts from people with bipolar talking about their experiences, you may find that useful. You're not alone and you can beat it, really! Some of the best things in life are hard to achieve and it's worth it.

Thanks for your replies! I will follow that advice. And I think I must be bi-polor cuz besides a doctor saying i likely was I realized that all anti depressants i take make the mania worse! I generally can make it through the depressed states most of the time but sometimes its hard(like being behind on bills, or other big stresses) Question for Kelly: Do you know of any mood stabilizers that would help? I have known people that took those for bi-polor and they are always balanced! I am generally always off balance switching moods several times daily in seconds! I feel like a girl on her period sometimes! :)

Hi Jeromiep-

Have you tried fish oil? I have read many references on the Net that fish oil is very good for bipolar difficulties. Actually, quality fish oil seems to be good for everybody, but for bipolar troubles in particular. From what I have read, here are some important points:

- Make sure that your fish oil product is good quality. It should say on the label that it is tested for common contaminants. Fish today absorb a lot of contaminants in the polluted oceans, so this is important.

- The important part of fish oil in regards to mental health is called EPA (which is short for something, but usually just the initials are used). The information I read on the net (a long time ago- I don't know where it was anymore) stressed the importance of taking a total of 1000 mg or more of EPA per day. The amount of DHA (another part of the fish oil) does not seem to be as important for adults. The specific amount of EPA in each capsule should be written on the product label.

- As with most supplements, results probably take some time.

- Personally I use a product called "Carlson's Super Omega-3 Fish Oil". Each softgel contains 300 mg of EPA, so a therapeutic dose would be 4 tablets a day, to reach 1000+ mg of EPA. I myself don't have bipolar issues, but I take 3 softgels of this product every day anyway, because my brain just seems to run smoother on in. I sleep better at night and there is some antidepressant effect as well. There are other quality fish oil products out there, and I don't mean to push a particular brand. This just happens to be what I've used with good results in my case.

Anyway, if you haven't tried fish oil, I hope this helps. Best wishes.