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Question about headache side effects

Do the headaches ever go away if you start to have them? I started taking Nature's Bounty SJW on Thanksgiving for depression/anxiety and OCD thoughts. It works great for all 3 of these things for me. I was taking 300mg and I wasn't experiencing headaches when i first used it for the first few weeks, than after week 3 or 4 when it started kicking in a lot i've been getting headaches everyday that don't go away. I reduced my dose to 150mg a day and I still get them yet. The good thing is all my symptoms for everything are pretty much gone, but I have these stupid headaches. I would say they are on the mild side kind of but they are still there. I'm on exactly my 5th week starting today and I really would hate to discontinue use because I tried a lot of other natural supplements and none really worked enough for me to keep using them. And I don't want anti-depressants from a doctor because I can only imagine what side effects I'd get on those. So what should I do?