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I'm at roughly 45 days

I'm a male, late 30s. Been suffering from mild to moderate on and off depression for a long time now. I started taking these as I run my own business and I needed something to pull me up out of my dark moods a fraction.

So far it is working.

I notice a very quick improvement in mood. Roughly an hour or 2 and I feel better.

Tuesday this week I forgot to take 333mg in the morning and by midday I was feeling awful. Really unmotivated, unhappy and stressed out. My job is a never ending hardship and I work roughly 70 hours a week and it is killing me because my mind never gets a chance to relax. SJW has really really helped me.

Some days it's not enough though. I did try taking a 2nd or 2nd and 3rd tablet but I get massive headaches. Just tried a 2nd tablet at the end of today as I'm feeling low again and I have a very subtle headache coming on.

I have been suffering also lately from anxiety. Not something I'm familiar with in life but the pressure I'm under is enormous and relentless. I'm thinking of trying rhodiola rosea also due to having some success with SJW.

Nothing usually works for me so this is not placebo. I expect things not to work and 99.999% of the time they done. But SJW does :) Consequently I want to learn how it works and why it works and as it is working, what is it that is wrong with me that it is fitting a band aid to.

Thanks all and thanks for this forum.