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Anyone try the Gaia brand SJW? I’ve read that the Perika brand has changed formulas since I had last taken it. The Gaia SJW is somewhat $$ at my local store, so I didn’t want to risk it. What is everyone taking these days? (Also please confirm if my Perika finings are off target.)

Edit: I ended up buying the Gaia formula from Whole Foods. For the past several years I had been off of SJW (Perika) for a variety of reasons, but my forays into b vitamins; AI formulas; fat soluble vitamins or diet never seemed to fully address some of my issues. An interesting thing of note is that certain brands of antihistamines work on one of the same receptors that SJW does. (e.g. Cyproheptadine; otc Unisom.) These experiments with Cyprohepadine, which blocks 5-ht2a, lead me back here. This is one of the receptors that St. John’s Wort works on. Tonight, I can confirm, the Gaia formula appears to work, even after the administration of one (1) dose. I’m interested to continue a low dose of this product to see what transpires.
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