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4 months later..update

4 months since I last posted. It has been quite a roller coaster.:lookaround:I decided I was going to try a cleanse/detox. for 4 weeks. I stopped taking SJW and all supplements. Eliminated dairy,wheat,sugar and soy. Increased my fruit/vegetables (bought organic when available) and decreased my carbohydrate intake. Exercised daily. First 2 weeks I felt AMAZING...more energy,mental clarity. It was great! Then slowly heading into the 3rd/4th week I could feel the anxiety creeping back in and my mood changing. I was determined to stick it out and I did for the 4 weeks. I decided at that point I needed to start back on SJW. As previous happened when I took SJW the anxiety I experienced was overwhelming so I added 5 HTP. Fast forward to present, I am taking SJW with 5HTP. My mood continues to fluctuate sometimes daily, even hourly on those "OFF" days but at least I am having times when a calm takes over. Even if it is for a short period. Prior to combining the SJW and 5 HTP there was NO CALM. It is definitely not where I was hoping to be after this time but even a slight improvement is progress in the right direction. Although I must admit on the "OFF" days there is very little optimism. It can get very dark. I thought after 6 months I would of seen more of an improvement? I am going to try and continue with SJW and 5HTP for a period of time before I go to Plan B? :read:
No I have no food intolerance's or GI issues. I was doing a lot of reading and research and it was suggested that a cleanse in conjunction with other remedies could help lift ones mood. It was more out of desperation than anything and thought it would not hurt to try it. I am at a cross road with not wanting to go on antidepressants BUT thought after this length of time my mood would be a little more stable than the constant fluctuation. Would appreciate anyone else who has had a similar experience with what seems to be such a long time with no consistency in mood, any comments or suggestions.
Thank you :smile:

I know it's a month later, and you may have already moved on from this, but SJW brand, more than anything else, made a difference for me. It seemed strange to me that one reputable brand would be better than another, but that's just the way it worked for me. It also seems possible that SJW just is not working for you, and brand may not come into play.