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2 Weeks In - Brain Fog


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Hi to all you SJW experts.

I've suffered with severe brain fog for a few years now. It responded well to Lexapro (ssri) but then about 6 months after stopping - major relapse. I started taking SJW (1000 mg a day) 2 weeks ago today. The fog has got much worse this week, find it difficult to read, let alone concentrate. Has anybody had a similar experience with SJW, any positive outcomes? Thanks in advance for your insight.


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I've never had brain fog w/ SJW, but my first thought is that you are taking too much. 900 mg is the recommended dosage. :smile:


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Hello Foggy & welcome to the forum!

Brain fog, buzzy, spacey, etc all describe a typical phase that most of us go through for just a short time. This is a time period where your body is adjusting to the SJW. The feeling will pass and seldom lasts more than a week.

It's not the mg of SJW you're taking but the amount of hypercin that matters. Most SJW is standardized at 3% hypercin which means that each 300mg tablet contains .9 hypercin. If your SJW is standardized @ 3% you're taking 3.0 instead of 2.7 mg hypercin ... which is fine.

If you haven't taken the time to check out the FAQ (green task bar up top) then please do. Also, be sure to check out the SEARCH feature as well. Alot of good info in there. And of course, we're glad to try to help as well.

Wishing you the healing you are seeking!
I'm on my 7th day and just started taking fish oil which has seemed to take care of the Brain fog a little bit. Not really sure if the fish oil helped the fog or my body is getting used to SJW? Fish oil is good for you either way.


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Thanks Shy1

Thanks for the help.

It is 0.3% Hypercin x 1000mg a day I'm taking which I believe is about the correct dosage.

I'm sure the SJW is not causing the brain fog as I've had it for a couple of years before starting the SJW. My concern is that it's gotten worse in the last couple of weeks since starting the SJW. If, as you say, this could be down to a period of adjustment, that's reassuring.

By the way, is a foggy head a typical symptom of depression? I don't seem to have emotional issues, it's just the fuzzy head that gets me down.

Thanks again guys.


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Hi Foggy....
I'm no expert as I've just started SJW myself (starting week 4) but week three was not the best for me....irritable and tired all the time....Just don't give up too soon...Things are starting to get much better for me....I found that taking one tablet in the AM and two at bedtime is the trick for me...I hope you find what works best for you.....
Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

Just a thought. If you have not done so, do, as hypothyroidism is very common and does lead to symptoms like foggy brain. It is easily treated with thyroxine supplement. Many thyroid sufferers really do suffer for years when a simple blood test could put them pretty well straight. Your thyroid gland can cut in and out, so you can suffer at some times but not others.
Day 26 - Still Brain Fog

Thanks Hstyle. I did have standard blood tests which included thyroid tests, all normal. I believe some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism include thinning of eye brows, sensitivity to cold, thickening of skin etc., I don't suffer from any of these.

Is it normal to not feel any noticeable difference by day 26 on SJW?