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    Seasonal Affective Disorder---light source through the ear?

    Has anyone heard about Valkee? Valkee.com. I believe it has not yet been FDA approved in the United States, but other countries are now using it. Wondering how well it works, how safe is it? Just a couple of customer reviews on Amazon.
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    Anxiety!! (was: Kava and SJW)

    Years ago I used Kira SJW with wonderful success for depression. I stopped using it years ago and have been feeling fine. But, since February of this year, I have had the most horrible anxiety--I have Never experienced anything like this before. I started using Pharma Kava for the anxiety...
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    Has anyone tried MSM and noticed a change in their mood?? I was told by my knee doctor to take 6000 mg daily of it for my torn meniscus and degenerative arthritis, and after a couple weeks I noticed that I was feeling pretty good for this time of the year. My shrink also noticed that I was...