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    First 4 days, increased anxiety? Also can you take ashwagandha with SJW?

    Hmm., not sure if you have stuck with it, but I have heard of people developing such symptoms over the short term. Be careful with the ash, as I have heard of people developing issues with it.
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    Anyone try the Gaia brand SJW? I’ve read that the Perika brand has changed formulas since I had last taken it. The Gaia SJW is somewhat $$ at my local store, so I didn’t want to risk it. What is everyone taking these days? (Also please confirm if my Perika finings are off target.) Edit: I ended...
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    Perika Efficacy (bottle to bottle)v

    For somewhere around eight years I have been taking the Nature's Way Perika brand SJW. Often, when switching between bottles of this same brand, I have recently noticed that I can feel a dip in mood-usually within approximately one day or so. What I have conjectured from this variation is that...
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    Vitamin B12

    Does anyone have any tangential reports about Vitamin B12 and how it may help to improve mood, in combination with SJW? I've experimented with this in the past, while on SJW, and couldn't necessarily make heads or tail, but I do not fully remember.
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    My swan song, sort of

    For the benefit of people who may have been weighing the options of prescription therapy vs. natural/ herbal, it would be nice to hear further conclusions drawn between the two. (even if it may be relative to the user, etc.) Whatever the case, hope it's going well for you.
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    There is a lot of information about different brands of SJW on here, which makes a difference. Even reputable brands of SJW which work well for some do not work for others, so I would experiment with one of those (i.e. Perika, Kira, New Chapter, etc.) Additionally, if sleeping and anxiety are...
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    alcohol and sjw

    Are you saying the Kira brand works better than Perika?
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    SJW and MRSA

    Has anyone had a demonstrated success with taking SJW and Staph infections like MRSA? Recently I have spent some time in the hospital and contracted the dreaded Staph infection MRSA. Having had some knowledge of SJW and its efficacy in fighting bacterial-related infections, I researched more and...
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    4 months later..update

    Brand I know it's a month later, and you may have already moved on from this, but SJW brand, more than anything else, made a difference for me. It seemed strange to me that one reputable brand would be better than another, but that's just the way it worked for me. It also seems possible that...
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    New user-side effect question

    asthma?? Not sure, but it sounds like you may be having an allergic reaction to the St. John's, which I have never heard of before. I am an asthmatic, and what you are describing sounds similar to an asthma attack. In the past I have taken high quality fish oils to help with asthma, and which...
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    Switch to Zoloft or switch to Perika?

    re: 900 mgs Hi again: I noticed you said you were experiencing some heavy duty side-effects with the SJW, which I have never heard of before (outside of the initial start up period), but I think it's also worth noting--just in reference to the efficacy of SJW--that sticking with one brand...
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    Switch to Zoloft or switch to Perika?

    900 mgs Hi all, Noticed that a lot of people were not taking the recommended dosage of perika and didn't understand why. It says on the package to take one pill, three times a day, with meals. I've taken up to double that dosage at different times and had good results. Also, taking...