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This message is a reply to SPUNT, but also is my personal SJW update, etc...

Soccer Dude

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Hi Spunt, wow, sorry I just logged in for the first time in a LONG time. :) I'm still on Perika SJW. I finally moved down to 600mg which felt better than at 900MG or 1200MG. Anyway, I keep thinking about switching to another brand. Like Eclectic Institute or Natural Factors. At this point, are you still taking SJW? Eclectic Institute brand? What dose? I ended up switching from 5-htp to Tryptophan. Made a HUGE difference. 5-htp seemed to stimulate me. The moment I switched to Tryptophan I felt immediately better, calmer, etc... But, I've been doing a LOT of tryptophan with the 600mg SJW, and it seems that I've been experiencing some mild Serotonin Syndrome symptoms. I'd take a 500mg dose of Tryptophan and it would usually make me feel better, calmer, or I'd feel nothing. Now, it makes me feel uncomfortable much of the time. If I skip a day or two of taking it, and then take 500mg it may feel okay. So, my ND thinks I might be finally saturated with Serotonin. I started using L-phenylalanine 500mg then up to 1000-1500mg per day, and it really helped, but then after a week or two I start feeling stimulated, worse insomnia. So, I back off. So, I think I could be at my limit of norepinephrine etc... Although I think I may still be a bit low in PEA (endorphins) and dopamine. So, I may try some mucuna without L-phenylalanine and see if I can push my dopamine levels up and see how it makes me feel. It really is a hit/miss deal trying to find the right dosages etc.... I think Tyrosine was too stimulating for me but L-phenylalanine felt better. For me anyway.

My anxiety/panic is 100% gone. My mood is improved, I can laugh, tears of joy, etc... Yet, there's a certain feeling of joy, where you feel like doing new things and just feel happy in general is slightly low yet peeks out now and then. Not sure if that is dopmaine, PEA or choline level related. Not that we are supposed to feel this amazing joy all day long, but... But I do feel content most all the time, and if something hits me funny I can laugh and laugh hard some times. Some times I just feel so good I crack jokes and feel really happy.

I did get pretty bad adrenal fatigue. I started taking Sensoril (Ashwaghanda extract) along with Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder, and I immediately started sleeping better consistantly, still not great but much much better. Better moods/energy, sugar control, etc.....This has really helped! So the combo of all this made a huge difference.

Not sure if i mentioned but I took the spectracell test and and low levels of magnesium, b12, zinc, maganese, etc.... I got those leves up and that really helped.

Anyway, I might try the eclectic institute SJW, since it's a high quality product with no fillers. I do like their products.

I hope you are feeling good!

Spunt here, lost my account info and signed up under a new name.

I'm so sorry I missed this until now! Let me know if you're still reading here and would like answers about the Eclectic SJW etc and I'll write up a full report. ^^

I had the same trouble switching to Tryptophan, at first it was better than the 5 htp, then things went the other direction and I was getting too much serotonin I think. Not sure where to turn next.

Good to hear from you and I hope we can continue someday. :)